Monday, February 15, 2010

Goblins and Gateway Socks

First up, sorry it took me so long to post. I've had a new distraction for which the Internet Angel spanked me. Um, I've been playing the Auction House a lot this past week, in the World of Warcraft game. It's the virtual economy, and to be honest it's fascinated me more than is reasonable. Reckon it's my inner goblin showin'.
Then, my 'puter got a hateful hijacking somethin' or other in it, and folks, there was no gettin' around it but to do the dreadful 'factory reset.' Again. I cursed and swore Yosemite Sam style, then closed one eye, squinted through the other . . . and just did it. I've been rebuilding my files ever since. Sigh.
I did finish my Grape Ape socks (while waiting for things to install), and have since been distracted with writing a pattern for house socks that I actually like. Sure, there's a bujillion patterns for 'em out there, but each has a feature that I dislike. I know which details I want in a pair, and if I can just figure it out once, I'll have my go-to pattern. 'Cause ya know, I'm really over having cold feet. And seriously, this snow-nonsense can just stop right-the-hell-now. Is it July yet? How 'bout now?
So, the following are some great shots I had from our knitting group two weeks ago (I said I was sorry), that just had to be posted, even if they are late. The format is an experiment, but I think you can click 'em for a bigger view.

Pam is knitting a 'gateway sock' for her husband (snicker). Oh c'mon, you sock knitters out there have had the same thought!

By the way, does anybody remember why, two weeks ago, I wrote the following in my notes:
"SKA group / see Susan Slackford"

It's gonna drive me nuts, ya know.

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