Friday, February 1, 2013

Stock Socks v1.4

This is just a sock recipe or template rather than a specific pattern, where I've collected my favorite options for toes and heels together in one place for a toe-up sock with an afterthought heel.  I used two circular needles, though you could substitute DPNs or the magic loop method and use stitch markers to keep the stitches divided in half.  I like the two circs because I can try it on easily as I go.
Use any weight of yarn you want!  If using sock yarn, the label will give a good idea which needles to use for socks.  If using something heavier than sock yarn, choose needles about 2 or 3 sizes smaller than what's recommended on the label, for fabric sturdy enough to walk on.   The photos here are of some worsted weight yarn (Cascade 220 Quatro) knitted on US size 4 needles for a pair of short house socks.
Since this is more of a collection of my favorite sock bits, I've included the links to each technique in the text.  Just clicky clicky for videos and links to learn the ones that are new to you.  Each one is really easy, which is why they've become my favorites.  I'm pretty sure my most favorite discovery is the Russian grafting - no more kitchener stitch!
If making them one at a time, I keep a small index card in my project bag.  That's where I write how many stitches I increased the toe wedge up to (for this one in the photos, it was 48), and how many rounds the foot needed to reach my leg, how many rounds for the leg, and how many rounds for the cuff.  Then I noted how many rounds I knit even for the heel before decreasing, and how many I grafted.  It's pretty much designing-on-the-needle for the first sock, and by using those notes you can match up it's mate.
If you're an experienced sock knitter, you can see where a bit of patterning could be inserted along the foot and leg, using a favorite stitch or a bit of fair isle or mosaic color. 

Toe and Foot
1.   Using Judy's Magic Cast On, cast on a total of 16, 20, 24, or 28 stitches, depending on how blunt or pointy you want the toe to be
2.   round 1 - knit
3.   (edited 2/23/2013) * kfb, knit to 2 stitches before end of first needle, kfb, k1 * repeat for the other needle (the kfb are in different places so that the purl bumps they make will mirror each other)

4.   Repeat these two rounds until it reaches a snug size for the intended foot. 

5.      Knit all rounds until it finally reaches the front of your leg. 

raised recliner + knitting = kitty heaven!
I rarely knit alone since BeBe came into our lives


Heel Set Up
1.      Use waste yarn to knit across half the stitches, to mark future heel placement.
2.      Go back to the working yarn and knit across that waste yarn.

Knit all rounds until an inch or two from the desired length, then work some ribbing for that last inch or two as the cuff
OR . . . . Rib the whole leg to desired length
Use JSSBO to bind off

Pick Up Them Heel Stitches (clicky clicky to see a great video showing how to do this)

Thumb-Joint Flat Top Heel
1.      Knit all rounds until this segment is the same length as from the recipient's thumb tip to the first thumb knuckle. 
2.  *k1, ssk, knit to 3 stitches before marker, k2tog, k1, * repeat for other half of stitches
3.      Repeat that decreasing round for every round until it's deep enough to fit the heel or until you have a third of the foot/leg stitches, whichever happens first 
4.      knit one last plain round
5.      Graft the remaining stitches, using the Russian grafting method
more footies made with Boku on size 4 needles
sock weight Noro Silk Garden on size 2 needles


  1. this pattern sounds like I could make the sock. Thanks

  2. You're very welcome, and you absolutely can knit it!