Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pumpkin Pies in Azeroth

This morning, I got to our knit-together a smidge earlier than I usually do, and found only four of us there, me making the fifth. It was a rainy, grey day and downright chilly, perfect for knitting in coffee shops, so I dunno why the small turnout. But there we few were, sitting at the 8 - 10 tables pushed together in anticipation of our usual numbers. Maybe more will show later, we all thought. It is a perfect day for this. But then, it's the last normal weekend before the holiday season madness begins, so maybe that had folks in a stay-home kind of mood. I know I felt that way yesterday, it being one of my rare pajama days.
Anastasia frogged her first go at that lacey cardigan, and has already got a good running start on the restitching of it. That blue yarn of hers is an alpaca/wool blend.

She shared that Brooke isn't feeling well, and that's why she couldn't make it in today. Brooke, you were missed, and we all hope you're feeling better really soon.

Remember that book she brought a week or two ago? I ordered my own copy of The Enchanted Sole and got Creative Spinning too, both of which arrived the other day - squee!

Raeus was wearing that mix-n-match shrug and still working on some lace. But she has the yarn already on hand for her next project. Don't we all think about the next project while we knit on our current one(s)?
And just check out this savory blend our Madame of Mixing 'n Matching has in her mind! That variegated is a mohair blend too.

Pat had this on her needles, and the fabric's halo kept catching my eye. I had to ask her what yarn she was using, and it turns out to be Brushed Suri from Blue Sky Alpaca. Folks, the petting of it was the sort of tactile pleasure that is probably illegal in public. Yeah, it's just that soft and silky.
Barbara was casting on she-wasn't-sure-what on some long cable needles, and guessed maybe a dishcloth might happen there. On long cables? I'm keeping my eye on that project, you betcha.
I picked up a copy of 99 Yarns and Counting while paying for my caramel mocha, and settled in to knit some more on that scarf. About then Nicole joined us, making six knitters hogging enough tables for a dozen. Well, she is knitting for two; does that count? She and I played around with the loop stitch that she's curious about, and she's made a lot of progress on that blanket she started.

When some strangers helped themselves to the other end of our pushed-together-tables, a little after noonish, I think that's when it just got too weird even for us. We somewhat gracefully packed up our knitting and called it a day a little earlier than our norm. Which was about when Mary Beth came in, just in time to see us stand up and shoulder our purses.
So we chitty-chatted a bit, and then just went on. I ran into Mary Beth again at the grocery store, lol.

So, the day is still gloomy outside, and I have yarn and new knitting books here with me, with the housework all done yesterday already. Reckon I'll just do the rest of the afternoon on the couch. Or maybe in Azeroth, as there's tons of cooking to be done there this week too.

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