Monday, November 16, 2009

The midnight sheep shearer

Yes, it was Sunday yesterday, and we all gathered to knit together at the Borders cafe . . . . 'cept Ginger didn't bring her knitting this week. Ahem, she was too busy browsing the wedding magazines! You should see the gown she's chosen! They have an April date planned. Does the future Mr. Ginger know about us Fertile Turtles?

Brooke finished these felted purses, and used the felting machine over at Loopville - she said it only took about 15 minutes to felt! I am very curious . . . She's currently working on a scarf for Christmas, same as me. Debra is also doing the scarf thing. And Brooke brought in her recently acquired copy of Enchanted Sole . . . . IwantI wantIwantIwantIwant!!!!
Speaking of socks, Pam has a pair of Eunice socks on her needles, from Cookie's book.

Check out Carol's Entertwined Shawl - ain't it gorgeous? This recent trend in braiding our knitwear really has caught my attention lately. She's currrently knitting a stuffed Humpty Dumpty. Barb is knitting the pig toy from Bernat's pattern, and Mary Beth is knitting a reindeer. We did indeed witness her inviting Barb to accompany her to Crossville for some yarn shopping.
But that's not the only toys being done at the moment - Christine has a large part of Sheldon the turtle knitted up. She brought in a really cool book, that has apparently enjoyed a recent reprinting, only hers is one of the originals: Knit a Fantasy Story.

Remember the two ladies I mentioned that we met last week? The ones who were also knitting? They knit with us this week, and we're tickled pink to see 'em too.
Meet Jennifer, who's working on a sweater in the round . . .

. . . .and Kristi, who's also doing the scarf thing.

Angelika, I haven't forgotten the doggy sweater pattern, I swear I haven't: stay tuned for that (psst, she's making another dishcloth!)

Nicole made it in and has got a blanket-to-be on her needles.

Minutes after Carol had to leave to meet someone at the airport, Raeus came in, um, freshly arrived from the same airport. Funny! She's still doing the lace thing with her SAFF haul. We got to see Kim again, and she's made a lot of progress on her holiday gift-to-be.

A couple of funny phrases caught my ear, and it was hard to decide which one would be the title of this blog entry: ". . . I just knitted with my tail . . . " or " . . . I was stillborn, ya know . . . " Reckon ya just had to be there.
We got off onto a silly tangent when Pam asked us about this house she had driven past recently, that always has sheep, only now they're all shorn and "denuded," seemingly overnight. She was wondering if anybody knew who lived there and where the wool went. That led to claims and accusations of being the 'midnight-sheep-shearer.'

And what would my Sunday be, without the Holy-Bringer-of-the-Caramel-Mochas? Gawd bless Oliver!

P.S. In the World of Warcraft, ahem, my priest toon is now a level 80 and has finally done some healing - woot!

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  1. Oh, I am SO envious about your knitting community; that's something I really miss about living in a valley.