Monday, November 30, 2009

Yule Balls & Knude Knitting

Did everybody have a happy Thanksgiving? I hope so. This year, dinner was at my parents' home - Christmas dinner will be here at my table, so declared my mom.
The morning after, Black Friday morning, my day started very early. While prolonging the pajama/coffee time, I finished up the Pilgrim meta-achievement for my level 80 priest toon, Granni. For you non-gamers out there, this is my World of Warcraft character doing her Thanksgiving thing. Then I tidied up the house a bit more, and Mom came over. She, my son, and I played Christmas music while decorating the house for the season. Hot chocolate, chocolate-covered cherries, and more coffee ensued. All was great, except that pre-lit tree of mine only lit up in spots. The upper third, and one side of the lower third is deader 'n a doornail. That's alright, I stated. I've gotten several good years' use out of it. After the holidays, I'll pick up another one.
The best part about that Friday, is that I never once got out of my pajamas or left the house. I did put on a bra, while Mom was over, and I brushed my teeth. But I neither shopped nor worked retail during this year's Black Friday, and I'm the most thankful for that! It was the best Friday-after I've had in years.
Saturday, however, I did get out and about and for a very fun thing: The Yarn Haven is doing this Christmas wish list thing, kinda like a gift registry, only it's just written on paper. So I was down there bright and early filling out my wish list. Yup, my family has been informed that Sandy has my list this year - just go see her! Ran into Pam, too while there, and learned that she has another grandbaby on the way - yay! I also picked up some yarn to make some of those ball ornaments ya just stuff with polyfill.
Got back home, got the latest episode of Lime 'n Violet onto my iPod, and took it with me to the grocery store. I've really missed those shows, while they had a break for Violet to move - I'm also thankful that they're back 'on the air.'

This weekend's Fertile Turtles is when I cast on for them Christmas balls, and they're really fun to make - why didn't I do these before now?
A large part of what was being knitted up that morning in the cafe were holiday gifts.
Brooke had made the Tridactyl gloves, and we were there when she stitched the last stitch. It's kinda like being present for a birth or something, when that moment arrives. Raeus' lace continues, as does Anastasia's cardi, and Pam's Eunice socks. Mary Beth is close to finishing the FLS sweater for her grandmother, and Nicole retrieved an old UFO scarf to work on. She makes pregnancy look good, by the way - the more she shows, the more beautiful she becomes. I'm just sayin'. Remember that mystery project Barb cast on last week, claiming it to be a dish cloth, even though it's on long circular needles? It is indeed a dish cloth! And you know Angelika has yet another dish cloth on her needles - she must be tryin' to fill an entire kitchen drawer from scratch.
Carol has most of deep-cowl neck sweater done, and it's in Berroco's silky suede yarn. Very pet-able and fondle-worthy. And just check out her Alan Dart Advent ornaments! Go ahead - click on the photo for a bigger image and more details.
You know how our chitty-chatter leads to silliness? We were commenting on how two weeks ago, the cafe was stifling hot and some of us even left early to avoid roasting ourselves. Then last week, it was so cold it was difficult to knit. I added that I wore layers that day, just in case the temperature was one extreme or another, to which Barb made a joke about my not taking off much else. I had the one shirt on at that time (chuckle). So we teased her about sitting next to me while I knitted nude. The Knitting Nekkid Challenge was then considered, but then duly disregarded. Aren't you glad?

I did manage to squeeze in some WoW that wasn't holiday related: Granni has been healing ToC and working on reputation points for the Wyrmrest Accord and the Sons of Hodir. Well, you know, it's their quartermasters that sell the glyphs she needs for her shoulder gear and helmet.
She's turning out to be a very needy little toon, but I love her so!

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  1. Most of what you've written is Greek to me but it does sound like you're having a great time!