Sunday, October 4, 2009

Slap Happy

About last week. I had declared that that Sunday would be a Pajama Day, as I hadn’t had one in a very long time. And so it was.

I did my first Russian join, using the Malabrigo worsted weight in that scarf – and wow! How have I played with yarn for over 30 years without learning that maneuver before now? That will see lots of use in the years yet to come, no doubt.

I did indeed acquire some better circulars in the size needed for them New Vol socks, so they’re once again being done with the 2-at-a-time method. Addi Lace Turbos for the win! I got ‘em both past the heels (my first ever short-row heel), and am now stitching up the legs towards the cuff. Despite working on my orange and white socks while watching the games on TV, and despite having the groomer put orange ribbons and nail polish on my dog . . . the Vols still ain’t doin’ that well. So much for bringing them luck. I know folks are griping about our quarterback, Crompton. But hey, at least he’s pretty to look at. Well he is – I’m just sayin’. . .

These past two weeks had me dodge a cold via the Zicam tablets, only to later scratch my eye badly with a metal mascara comb. You know the wirey sharp ones? Yeah, one of them. It landed my hiney in the ER and swelled up my eye something awful. Fortunately, eye wounds heal quickly, and now it’s like it never happened. But I was an ugly, snotty mess there for awhile.

In yet other news, remember that vest I made recently with Fiesta's La Boheme yarn? Fiesta is using my pic of it for their Ravelry page for the pattern - how cool is that?

Two weeks ago, I forgot to mention that our knitting group got the collective idea to caravan to North Carolina in a few weeks for the SAFF, Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival. Right then, I put my silly spending on hold and have been saving in earnest. Yeah buddy, I intend to do some serious financial damage on that particular Saturday. Yup, it’s just going to be one of those day trip things, but oh what a doozy this one will be! I feel like a four-year-old waitin’ for Santa!

I’m still kinda wanting them clear clogs though . . . that might still happen. What?

And I did splurge on a book today, while at the Fertile Turtles knitting group. I picked up a copy of Spin Dye Knit. Excellent beginner info with enough pictures to make the text make some sense, bless her. But that’s it – no more frivolous spending for me until I get to the SAFF.

I wore my latest Calorimetry today, and I just can’t say enough how much I adore these things. They’re really fun and quick to knit, making single-skein-shopping a heady thrill. And I really love wearing ‘em for both the warmth and to keep my cave-woman-tresses under control.

And when I arrived, Pam identified the yarn I used for this one right away . . . yup, she used the same stuff to make the very same thing just a week or so ago. She was working on the other Monkey sock, and will have the pair in no time at all. She had her completed pair of Rainbow Ripple socks on today, and definitely had me inspired . . . to buy them clear clogs and get to work on the two pairs I have on the needles still. Too much knitting to be done for just one life time, I swear.

Raeus brought in her completed Entwined Shoulder Shawl, which made me squee! Just look at it! She’s got a purple shrug going on her needles now.

Jane returned to us with a blue hat on her needles that will be felted, and some more yarn she donated to the Zimbabwe thing. She’s got some things going on at home that may keep her away from the knit-togethers for a bit, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Debra is half way through the body of her cotton February Lady Sweater.

Mary Beth worked on some more of that little witch’s anatomy while wearing her own Colonnade Shawl. She pointed out that there are charities out there that accept just single socks for amputees – no kidding! Never mind what I found trying to google that one. If anybody out there knows of such an organization, please, do tell.

Barbara has the sleeves going now, for that little baby cardigan, and is closer to being finished than she is willing to believe. Mary Beth had to separate Barb from Carol, for just a little while, when Barb got a bit slap-happy. Sigh.

Speaking of Carol, she has a new part time job with Dutch Valley Antiques that sounds like a lot of fun. She was wearing a gorgeous cardigan she knitted awhile back, while working on this brilliantly bizarre scarf. Dunno if you can tell in the photo, or if I can explain it right. But the upshot is that she’s using this railroad ribbon yarn, but only knitting into the edge thread of it. It’s creating this really nifty dimensional fabric that just fascinated me.

Angelika came in with dishcloths on her mind and cast one for one. I cast on for yet another Calorimetry. Shush you.
Ginger made it in, and has some fun ideas for making Fertile Turtle canvas bags for us. She’s aiming to have ‘em done in time for us to tote them to the SAFF, when we invade en masse. She dipped a toe back in to the sock-knitting-waters today, casting on while with us. Seems a lot of us cast on something new while we were together. Neato.

By the end of the afternoon, Oliver had entertained us with his Ladder Trick, and I had caught up with Jami for a brief gossip catch up. And we left the pushed-together-tables just in time for the next group meeting to arrive and need them. Sundays ain’t dead at that particular Borders, at least not in the last coupla years.

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