Sunday, September 20, 2009

Turtles or Turnips?

Today’s Fertile Turtle knit-together at our local Borders’ coffee shop felt like Christmas; Brooke brought me circular needles that she was unable to use, and Mary Beth brought me two shirts of that illusive shade of blue I needed. And I hadn’t even sat down yet at that point!
Brooke was tinking back half a row of Icarus, and Carol was frogging mohair when I arrived. Tink is ‘knit’ spelled backwards, and means unknitting a stitch. Her stitch count was off, so she tinked back to the guilty spot to reknit. Frogging is called so because a whole bunch more needs to be undone than just a few stitches, so ya rip it, rip it, rip it back out.

Carol has a webby, beaded shawl in the works – can’t wait to see it!
Pat’s latest lace looked familiar to me last week. It’s the same coloring as the yarn I used on that vest, but without the fuzz of mohair. Since then, she found the ball band and brought it to show me; it is indeed the same company’s same colorway Fiesta's Iris. Cool.
Pam’s finished the first sock in a pair of Monkeys, a pattern that I’ve had queued in Ravelry ever since hearing about them on the LnV podcast. She’s amazingly fast at socks, and yes I’m jealous.

Debra cranked up another pair of gloves, Barb is making progress on her baby cardigan, and Nicole is making a puppy. With crochet. Well, ya know, it is the baby season for us Turtles!
Angelika is still working on her son’s blanket, and assured us that Daphne and Jason would be here next weekend.

Raeus has made a chunk of progress on that Intertwined Shawl I’m just twitching to cast on for myself. What a tease! She bought that electric blue yarn Lynda spun up, and Lynda has another bit of yarn on her spindle, of blue and white.

Mary Beth worked on adding some more anatomy to her little witch-to-be.
Misti and Anastasia dropped by to say hi, but couldn’t stay long enough to knit with us.
Me? I worked on the November Now! scarf until I reached the end of that skein. I have one more to knit into it, but wanted to save the joining until I could get back home and look up the Russian join method online. So at that point, I pulled out my New Vols socks to knit some more.
And some fun ideas were batted around, during which Barbara asked, “Turtles or turnips?” It was just one of those misheard funnies, which sparked memory-sharing of song lyrics we’ve all misheard over the years.
We’re thinking an autumn celebration party is in order, with the combined purposes of helping each other take measurements. You know, for those custom knit sweaters we’re want to do sometimes. And for those brave souls, we’re also thinking about making body forms for fitting our garments, like what’s in the front of Wendy’s book, Custom Knits. Duct tape will be involved, hence the need for the sort of friends you trust with scissors.
My week? Well, you know those double rainbows that embraced our city earlier in the week? I’d bet good money that that was the day the Kollage square DPNs arrived at my favorite LYS! The circs are on back order, but I did score three pair of the DPNs yesterday.
After today’s knitting, I got my nails done at T Nails. Supper is already done in the crockpot. True Blood ain’t on TV tonight, and won’t be again until next summer. So ya know what? I’m thinking I might actually get to indulge in some World of Warcraft for the first time in three weeks. Providing of course, that my computer doesn’t try to eat itself again. Sshhhh! Nobody tell the universe that I’m logging on.

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