Monday, October 12, 2009

might hide 'em in my shoes

This week brought no injuries or illnesses to me or mine, thank goodness. I’ve just been awfully sleepy for no apparent reason. I did finish a blue Calorimetry the week before and a smaller one this past week that I’m calling Calorimetry Redux. Yeah, I’m kinda lovin’ those things.

I am, however, failing miserably at saving any extra cash for the upcoming SAFF, and it’s all due to a new (to me) source of colors to collect: Jane Iredale makeup. Yeah, the dermatology practice where I now work sells that line, and oh. my. gawd! Discovering the difference between good makeup and the stuff we pick up at grocery stores is a lot like when a knitter finally realizes the difference between a merino wool yarn and the squeaky acrylic yarns from Wal-mart. You know how colors turn me into a magpie, anyway. So yeah, I’ve been going a bit stupid with this new (to me) line of makeup. Sigh . . . . but they’re pretty! On the bright side, I have resisted ordering them clear clogs . . . so far.

All this past week, I’ve been snagging every moment I could to play a little World of Warcraft. It’s been the one thing I’ve had difficulty budgeting any time for, since returning to the realm of gainful employment. Weeknights are too short and all covered up. Weekends are when I now do the sorts of tasks and errands I used to do during the week. Five days’ worth, jammed into just two. So WoW has been neglected around here, and that’s bugging me. Intellectually, I know I oughta just give it up. However, the little girl in me has a tantrum whenever I have that thought.

So this week, I’ve been trying to play some, and have a little bit. But, um, some household-y things have gone undone as a result. But to be honest, I’ve had fun and ain’t feeling guilty. Just bothered by the trade-offs that seem to be required. Tonight’s game plan, after I’ve fed my guys, is to paint my nails and play WoW while they dry. Sshhhh – don’t tell anyone!

As a matter of fact, I missed watching this week’s UT football game on TV, ‘cause I was playing WoW. My priest character, by the way, is now a level 79. Anyway, the idea was to record the game on the DVR, and watch it later that night with hubby when he got in from work. Yeah, well, something went wonky with that recording, and I didn’t get it. Not only did I miss seeing it, but that’s my designated time to knit on them New Vols socks – double drats!

So, to make up for it, I took them socks with me to work on while at this week’s Fertile Turtle knitting group. The batteries in my camera were deader than a doornail, so no pics from this week (blush). We had a really good turn out with 14 of us there, and some were actually talking about their holiday knitting projects – where does the time go?
  • Brooke had a really pretty combination of colors going on her needles (them square DPNs doncha know), with some mauve, and grey, and a pale pink. She’s working on a pattern by Elsabeth Lavold called Randi.
  • Anastasia brought in a gown and cape she had sewn for a Renn-fair, that were just stunning. She then presented a skein of yarn made from sugar viscose, and for her encore, produced a sock with its heel turned successfully. Remember, she’s learning how to knit on that sock!
  • Debra is still working on the final glove of that pair, but described how she only works on it when with us fellow Fertile Turtles. We all got that, as most of us have projects that are reserved for certain times and places. Like my orange and white socks are usually only knitted while watching the games.
  • Angelika put down her crochet hook, and retrieved her knitting needles for the latest dishcloth.
  • When I asked her daughter-in-law what she was working on, she said, “Oh just Jason’s hat.” Reckon ya had to be there, but it was funny. Probably because Jason was there. He learned how to knit with us, back when this group was just a workshop, but he doesn’t knit much anymore. He just hangs out with us for the company. How cool is that? My hubby will buy my yarn sometimes, but he’d never sit with over a dozen knitters for a moment, much less for hours. Daphne, you are a blessed woman!
  • Ginger’s sock is coming right along nicely in what looked like an Opal self-striping yarn. She had done a single sock once, just to learn how, which prompted last week’s discussion of what to do with mateless socks. This time, she’s aiming for the complete pair. Go, Ginger, go!
  • Caitlynn was working on a Clapotis wrap, and using that nifty excel chart as her guide. I’m gonna have to give that chart a go, one of these days. She and Carol both were wearing their February Lady Sweaters today, which made me feel guilty ‘bout my unfinished one. It got put aside midway through the first sleeve. I really oughta get back to it.
  • Carol has started her own Intertwined Shawl, like the one Raeus did. Only Carol is doing hers as a KAL (knit along) with the Yarn Patch bunch in Crossville.
  • Mary Beth was helping Barbara with seaming the sleeves onto that baby cardigan. Remember her little knitted witch doll? She made a miniature turtle with a witch’s hat to be her familiar!
  • Pam brought some of her finished socks in for me to envy, and has another pair of Rainbow Ripple socks on her needles. Her partridge stitch heels have me twitching to try ‘em on my next pair.
  • Nicole got to attend her first UT football game, this weekend, something I’ve yet to do, and since the Vols did so well, we told her she brought them luck. She’s just gonna have to go them all, now! She too traded her crochet hook for a pair of knitting needles, and had this really fun thick ‘n thin yarn going for a scarf. She said it was her UFO for the longest time. She clarified that she didn’t mean UnFinished Object, like most knitters know UFO to mean. Nope. Her’s was unfindable until just recently!
  • I did indeed work on my socks while there. By the end of the afternoon, I had been thinking about how I should frog ‘em and just start ‘em over, due to all the mistakes at the feet. These are being knitted from the toe up, two-at-a-time, and I’m passed their heels. I said as much out loud, and got a resounding chorus of, ‘No!’ from those around me. I dunno . . . if I wear ‘em with sneakers, the mistakes will be inside the shoes. Provided of course, that I don’t make anymore along the leg, where they’ll show. We’ll see.

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