Monday, October 19, 2009

Donkey Sweaters

Yesterday, Sunday, was a busy one for me, and I knew it was going to be. So I started early and did my grocery shopping before the knitting group instead of on my way home from it. All I wanna know is this: has there always been a run on Count Choccula cereal every year and this is just the first time I missed out? Seriously – three grocery stores have big holes on the shelves where it used to be! Sheesh.
And I’m seeing cardigans for sale everywhere. Here’s the curse of being a knitter; I see them and like them, but think, “That’s easy to make.” So I don’t buy them. But I’m a slow knitter. Sigh. Speaking of which, my feet got cold and stayed cold today, and I had more envious thoughts of Pam’s sock-knitting-speed. I fantasize about finishing up what’s currently on my needles and just focusing on cranking out socks.
The Yarn Bowl Challenge is now complete and Sandy has sent off our share to be counted. Check out her blog for a run down on the event, and while you’re at it, have a look at what BeadnTat had to say about her experience participating in the Challenge. I’ll say it again, I’m very proud and humbled to be counted among such a wonderful community as the knitters found around these here parts.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Rumor has it that Sandy has some new roving at her LYS. Okay, if it’s not new, it’s news to me then. Alpaca and Yak, that’s all I’m sayin’.
And while we’re prowlin’ the internet for local knitting blogs, check out Mimi’s pattern-to-be for some entrelac fingerless mitts!

So yeah, I ran my errands first thing Sunday morning, so I was late getting to the Fertile Turtles knitting group, like noon-ish. They had already taken over Borders’ cafĂ©, having commandeered nearly all the tables! We discussed our upcoming day trip to SAFF, and the details for our caravan are posted on our Ravelry boards. Yeah, that would be the post in which I managed to use the word ‘time’ seven times in a very short amount of space. Sorry. Guess what was on my mind?

I heard that I had just missed meeting Nikki, aka my7kids on Ravelry and a local Etsy shop owner. She stopped by to knit a bit and to share the news that she’s about to add to that number. Apparently the Fertile Turtle Whammy has struck again! Brooke has sworn off the local water, just in case.

Angelika asked me about helping her design a doggy sweater, and I swear it sounded like she asked about a donkey sweater! I really had to stop and replay in my head what she just said, to get the message right. Oh, doggie! Angie, all we need is the measurements of neck-to-butt, around the deepest part of the chest, around the neck, and the distance between the two front legs. That, and how many stitches per inch you’re getting with your chosen yarn and needles combo. It’ll be easy, you’ll see.

She brought in some fingerless mitts that Daphne had recently finished - check 'em out!
Nicole is still digging the knitting again with that fun thick-n-thin yarn, Caitlyn is still knitting the Clapotis (when she’s not puppy-sitting), and Pat brought back that Fiesta Iris colored lace weight to work some more on her next gossamer piece.

Remember Raeus looking for some contrasting yarn to go with the purple she didn’t quite have enough of to finish the shrug? She found some great greens to go with, but then she's got a real knack for mixing n' matching.

Mary Beth has a new hat going, and brought in some gloves that made me ‘squee!’ done in Silk Garden #205. Yeah, we all admired them.
She also had a skein of Cascade 220 in teals for a FLS-to-be, that just simply seduced me. Just look at it! Did ya hear that? That was me gasping. Go ahead, click the pic!
Debra was working on her cotton FLS, when I noticed that she stopped working on the body of it after getting just a inch or so into the lacey part, and instead began working the sleeves then. Apparently Brooke had the idea to do the sleeves before having all the bulk of the body adding weight to it, and I somehow missed that memo! It’s the sleeves, after the body was done, that’s driving me bonkers on my own FLS! And wouldn’t ya know it, that’s what I brought to work on yesterday, since the others wearing theirs looked so good last week. Y'all really do inspire and affect my knitting, no joke!

Speaking of Brooke, check out her nearly finished wrap for her grandmother, who requested that it have pockets added to the ends. See, this is why we knit and wear wraps/shawls . . . they’re portable snuggles!

And speaking of Debra, Ginger sat right next to her for some help on getting that heel started on her sock. She was knitting its heel flap when I got there.

Carol is in the last bit of her Night Garden Felted Evening Bag, with only the flowers left to do, that I could see. This one is gonna be a lot of fun to see transform with the felting process.
Barbara got some more seaming help from Mary Beth, to get those sleeves attached to the baby cardigan. Other than one more button to add (once it’s found) and weaving in the loose ends, she finished it today while with us!
She was very grateful to both Mary Beth and Carol for their help, and she promptly cast on for the next wee cardi.

That was yesterday. Today? It's mine and Hubby's anniversary, and it is indeed another very happy one!

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