Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to Knoxville

One of my guildmates from the World of Warcraft came to town to meet a friend he's made in the game, and to visit with us both. You know him already (clicky clicky). Welcome to Knoxville, David!

The two of them swung by our knitting group this morning for some how-are-yas, before heading out to see a movie, whilst the rest of us knitted.

Dig Raeus' finished shawl!

Dig the close up too! 'Puter wallpaper anyone?

Mary Beth was wearing her own handknit hoodie . . .

. . . while working on the illusion blanket she found on Ravelry.

And she brought her mom, Sharon. Hi Momma Sharon! She's working on the Malabrigo block of the month, with the Red Java colorway.

Debra is on to the mate for that other glove we watched grow on her needles. She'll have these done just in time for cooler weather.

And meet Pam, who brought her Rainbow Ripple sock with which to Kip. Yeah buddy, I sure did add that pattern to my queue! She knows one of the doctors at the practice that just hired me, and she says he has a famous ancestor - oh my!

And today was our yarn swap. We're going to bring that which did not find a home back to the next Fertile Turtles knit-together to give folks another chance at it. What still doesn't find a home here, will go to charity. Sandy has a friend who takes donated yarn to one of those fair-trade co-ops, and that's where these will go.

And just check out the progress Angelika has made on her blanket! That's a serious amount of stitching right there!

And meet Jane, who very quickly turned these two skeins into a lacey scarf, right before our eyes today.

Kim returned, and with last week's sweater not only finished, but brought the matching hat! Today, we watched as she added little pink ribbon rosebuds for embellishment.

Remember that yummy Noro Silk Lite from last week? It's taking shape as the T-it-will-be.

Caitlynn is on to the February Lady Sweater's second sleeve. She'll be wearin' this on in no time, now!

And Barb has a wee baby cardigan on her needles.
And Anastasia made it in for a brief few before our afternoon ended.

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