Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fertile Turtles and YARN BOYS !!!

I had the very best time this past week, with my guildies in Aiken SC. We all stayed in Oz & Nellan’s home, and they spoiled us rotten the entire time! I think I gained at least 15 pounds this week, and it was worth every one of them.

I just got back last night and didn’t even unpack. I just pounced on my husband, cuddled with my dog, and slept my hiney off. This morning, the unpacking began and then it was Fertile Turtle time with our Sunday knitting group.

And I told them first the tale I’m about to tell you. This will also be retold specifically to the WoW knitters’ forum over on the Ravelry site.

I found myself to be the center of attention of two very handsome, intelligent, successful, straight (and did I say handsome?) YARN BOYS!!!

About them Yarn Boys . . . They and I went to this quaint little shopping district full of new agey and artsy type shops in downtown Aiken. I had already scoped out Ravelry to learn that that’s where the yarn lives in Aiken. I had the company of these two men (guildmates from WoW) in the yarn store! Dave L. stayed right with me every step I took in there, and was actually following my yarn evaluations, helping me look for that perfect skein to take home for my souvenir yarn.

At one point, as I was sorting through the colors and fondling the fibers, he offered to hold 'em all for me. Folks, he had both arms out, with a pyramid of sock yarn piled up in them, when he then tried to buy them all for me! Of course I didn't let him, but just that he was going to . . . wait; I need another moment to fan myself . . .


I picked some Berroco sock yarn in greens and purples (the 1480 Day-Lewis), and got these guys outa there, lol. But oh wait; there's more! Later that night, the three of us are in these two lounge chairs by the pool - I know! I sat at the foot of the one Dave S. was in. Ladies, he motioned for me to hand him the yarn skein I was knitting from . . . and he then proceeded to feed the yarn to me for the rest of the night, perfectly matching my knitting pace . . . oh my!

I am soooo telling the knitting world about these two single, handsome, knitting-friendly men! Especially the knitters who also play World of Warcraft!

And on my way out of town yesterday, I stopped by Barbara Sue Brodie Needleworks one last time and scored some alpaca sock yarn (the Vista Blue) and some of that new Mini Mochi in Autumn Rainbow.

So this is the tale I sat down to tell, when I got to my knitting group this morning. Brook perked right up! She has made a lot of progress on her Icarus shawl, and it’s already beautiful. Sadly, I hadn’t pulled my camera out yet, before she had to go for an odd shift at the library. Trust me, the shawl is gorgeous!

Barbara brought some finished preemie caps for the Yarn Bowl Challenge, and had another one on the needles today.

Angie brought her ‘never ending’ scarf to work on. This is her, trying to dodge the camera. Dunno why; she always looks great.

Mary Beth also brought some preemie caps and had yet one more on the needles. But what really dazzled us was her interpretation of the UT football helmet – genius!

And things I found flipping through magazines today: clear clogs to show off your hand knit socks, and knitters' soap!

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