Monday, August 3, 2009

Ryan just made my day (and the rayon helped too)

The February Lady Sweater's body is complete, and it now awaits those 12" circs to arrive so that I can do the sleeves. I think those will go quick. This is my first top-down sweater, and I'm really digging this way of making sweaters! Yup, this pattern will see more use, I'm sure of it.
And them 12" circs, US size 8? Those will probably see a few hats on 'em, after I do the sleeves on this sweater. Can't wait to play with them needles. Are they here yet? How 'bout now?
Since the FLS is on guilt-free standby status, I've been knitting feverishly on this new vest. The back is even closer to being done than in this photo, which was taken yesterday. I'm pert near at it's neck shaping. Well, to be honest . . . I passed up the point of neck shaping by about 2 inches too much of stitching (blush). I swear I read the directions ahead of time, I promise I did! But when I got to that part, I somehow remembered it as knit until the whole thing is 19.5 inches . . . . but it was really 17.5 inches. So I'm currently tinking back those 2 inches of mohair fabric. At least it has a rayon bit with it, so it ain't too awfully tangley. It's tinking okay enough. And I am head-over-heals in love with this fabric! And I'm thinking, that if there's even the tiniest amount of this yarn left over, I'll make a cozy for a glass candle votive. I can soooo see a little flame behind this, showing off the yarn.

And when I need mindless, no measuring, pure tactile candy to knit, this scarf has been my go-to project. And oh. My. Dear. Gawd! I'm in mad crazy love with this Malabrigo worsted weight! This scarf will have a Calorimetry and some fingerless gloves to go with it, and in very short order. I've never in my life felt anything softer, and I want this yarn all over my body all at once!
Been knitting this scarf during the down time in the World of Warcraft. Those long gryffin flights ain't so bad with Merlot and merino on board -- I'm just sayin'. Yeah, this is what happens when middle-aged housewives play WoW (giggle).

In other news, I got some of the romney singles plied, and they'll be soaked and hung for setting before today is done. Still have about a half a pound of it to spin. And dying my own colorways is still teasing my subconscious. Sigh. Reincarnation had better be real, 'cause I have way too much to do for it not to be.

I just love Sundays already, what with them starting out with a Fertile Turtles knit-together, and hubby's usually off on them days, so we get some lazy afternoon time together, I dabble in WoW in the early evenings, and then Sunday nights end with that TV show I'm hooked on, True Blood.

Yesterday was an exceptionally fun Sunday. Sukino had introduced himself to us on the Ravelry boards earlier in the week, and said he would join us this Sunday. Turns out, Ryan is also an avid WoW player, has learned knitting very quickly, and goes to the same high school I went to (about a hundred years ago). And now that I've met him, he's very charming and I want to adopt him. If only he didn't play for the Horde (sigh). Ryan, if you're reading this, we want to see you with us every Sunday, 'cause you've stolen all our hearts!

Ran into several old friends I haven't seen in awhile, while at Borders for the knit-together. Some old coworkers and I caught up too, with the gossip and how-are-yas. When I got home, I had time to grab some lunch, drop off my son at his job (still at the fireworks store), then it was back home for a bit of impromptu raiding with my WoW guild. Nothing makes Sundays better than squeezing in a bit of teamwork and dragon-slaying. That, and the skeletons that needed a smack-down in Kel-Thuzad's lair. And Gluth? Whooped his butt, just me and 9 really good friends. Stupid demon dog.

And to complete the night, more knitting while sharing the couch with hubby and the latest juicey episode of True Blood. Can't wait for next Sunday!

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  1. It was wonderful to see you Sunday! I so miss the knit-togethers, but I just seem to stay in crisis mode these days. I really need to take back my Sunday mornings.