Tuesday, August 4, 2009

odd random thoughts

Okay, so I was listening to some podcasts yesterday while folding that hiney-deep pile of laundry. One WoW podcast, several knitting podcasts, and getting caught up on the president's weekly podcasts. Had some random thoughts and one distinct reaction that I thought I'd share.
  • Why do so many knitters treat summer as a difficult season? I hear lots of 'em bemoan that it's too hot to knit with their preferred fiber, wool. Okay, true . . . if you're knitting outside on the deck, which is a marvelous thing to do in the spring and fall. But don't you people ever knit in the house? You know, with the air conditioning? I get cold really easy, and have this love/hate thing about air conditioners. If it's on just a little bit, then I'm fine with it. But the entire western world, my family included, can't stop at just taking the edge off the heat and humidity. Oh no. Everywhere I go is down right refridgerated. Seriously, you could hang meat in our den and in every store I shop at. However, this makes for knitting wool indoors not only do-able but desirable. It's August in Tennessee, and I'm wearing my wool slippers in the house, and my shawl is never far from reach.
    Then it occurred to me that maybe these knitters, or at least some of 'em, are like me. Maybe, when they get to control the thermostat, they only turn the AC on just a smidge, for comfort and/or environmental reasons. Okay, that I can wrap my head around. If that's the case, knit on with your cotton socks until the seasons turn . . . which won't be long now. But ya know, if you use this time now to knit for the colder seasons, you'll have the garments done in time. I'm just sayin'.
  • Ever knit in bed? This was asked by one of the knitting podcasters I listened to yesterday. Why yes, yes I have. Sometimes I ain't sleepy, and I ain't done knitting, but it's bedtime. It's more soothing than reading in bed, which I like to do too. Now if only I could figure out how to knit while in a bubble bath. I know a lady who claims to have this skill. Also, if I could knit while doing the WoW fishing at the same time . . . why, I'd never do anything else! I know yet another lady who claims that skill combo. Mayhaps our limits save us from ourselves sometimes, ya reckon?
  • Heard that same podcaster sing the praises of a yarn company known to keystone price and is recently trying to bully the competition, another company that is reputable. Yeah, I unsubscribed to that podcast and deleted the episodes of it I already had. For the love of all that's good, how could she?
  • The World of Warcraft's next content patch, 3.2 , is eminent. I can't tell you how happy the mount changes and emblem changes and druid form changes are going to make me. I'm really not difficult to please, really I'm not.
  • If you're not sure about the truths of the proposed health care reforms, and all you're hearing is the scuttlebutt . . . try listening to some definitions from the source. President Obama has a weekly podcast. Yup, he sure does. Most of 'em are brief, like just 5 minutes. Some of them are his bigger appearances recorded, and those are the beefy ones for info. The past month's worth of episodes are very clear and easy to follow as to what exactly he has in mind for reforms. I have lotsa thoughts on this subject, but don't really wanna get into politics or religion in this blog. I am just pointing out that you don't have to rely on scuttlebutt in the office, bar, or at the kitchen table. Try going to the source before jumping up and down in response to fear-inducing rumors. Halloween will be here soon enough, and we can get our empty scares then aplenty.

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  1. Cold natured... yes, I am too. I dress warmly to go inside the supercooled grocery store, but in this central Texas summer, it's so hot, that even our AC can't cool off the house very well. And we're not even into the hottest part of the summer here. Here's to the seasons changing!

    I, too, knit in bed. It helps my RLS (restless leg syndrome), which I refuse to take drugs for.

    Health care. Can't believe that the corporate army of hecklers actually landed in Austin and gave Lloyd Doggett a hard time. That was stupid, and obviously not his constituents. Somebody needs to ask those folks what they're going to do when they get an illness that bankrupts them. It will happen, even if they have private insurance. Now that's scary. And it's true.