Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Turtle really is fertile!

I've been both really bad this week and really good. Visa up'd my credit limit, and the little girl in me was jumping up and down to just go ahead and order the spinning wheel right-the-hell-now. However, the grown up in me was saying wait and keep that as motivation to return to the world of gainful employment -- order it then. The grown up won that battle, but it wasn't easy, lemme tell ya. Maturity sucks sometimes, even still.

But then days later, I had that itch to shop fibery things, and gave my favorite LYS a visit. Forgot to take the preemie caps with me for the charity drive, which just means I have yet another very valid reason to visit again soon (insert maniacal cackling here). Anyhoo, got me a set of blocking wires (cross that off the list), one of those WPI tools (cross that off too), the pattern for the Zimmerman Adult Surprise Jacket, and um . . . . some roving! Shush, I already own a drop spindle, and can use that just fine. Besides, could you resist these colors??? Didn't think so.

So that was me being very bad, but not nearly as bad as I wanted to be in ordering a wheel prematurely.
But then, I've been very very good this week about getting my stash put into Ravelry's database. I'm proud to declare it done, just this morning, as the last of it is entered. And lemme tell ya, the power to search your own stash on the 'puter by color groupings is down right scary and well worth the inputting work.
In World of Warcraft news, our friends & family guild is having a blast and we're all playing, raiding, and even PvPing more than ever. Amazing what can happen when you enjoy the company you keep. Despite my jumping through all kinds of technical hoops, however, my game still hard crashes everytime I get anywhere near the 'city' of Dalaran. I'm tellin' ya the Devil lives in Dalaran. Later today, after the cornbread is done, I'm gonna bite the bullet and just re-install the third expansion from the beginning, with all the patches that followed. Yup, I do have some wine on hand, no worries.
'Bout that cornbread. About a month ago, my mom brought a little bowl of soup beans over here for my husband. I don't eat 'em much, and he just loves 'em. Didn't mean to neglect my southern wifely duties, honest I didn't. Ya know, you just don't think to cook things you yourself don't care for. Well, he made the wisecrack, "Your momma makes me beans more than you do."
Oh yeah? Alrighty then. I've made a batch every weekend since, and it turns out to be a double blessing. I like to cook early in the day, and not so much in the evenings, hence all the crockpotting that goes on around here. So at least twice a week, he eats them beans poured over cornbread, with corn relish and diced onions on top of the mess. Jami calls it 'Redneck Mush,' lol. And on those nights, I'm free of supper duty and can knit or play WoW. Win-win.
And last night, when he saw me putting this week's batch in for the pre-soak, he chuckled, "You're sure feeding me beans a lot lately." Yeah-huh, and will continue to do so until he pleads for mercy.
And since I've got spinning in my head, I brought that romney I'm still working on, and used one of the taller barstools in the cafe for the greater arm-to-floor clearance I need for the drop spindle. The morning started with those lazy rumbles of thunder, and the steady soaking rain was a fantastic mood-setter for knitting at the book store with all my friends. I just love Sundays!
Ginger brought in a bag of yarns she was giving away, so I helped myself to these dark teal skeins of Peruvian wool. I just thought I was done putting stash into Ravelry's data base, lol.

And Mary Beth showed us the bag she's been describing, in which she keeps her DPNs, circs, and cable needles organized. She calls it a 'worm bag' since it's original intended purpose is for storing fishing tackle. She got hers at Dick's Sporting Goods.

I simply must have one of these for my DPNs and those little 9" circs. I have one of those circ organizers that hangs on the wall for my other circs, but it won't do for them 9-inchers. Since the Gander Mountain store is on my way back home, I swung by there to get me one.
They had nothing even remotely like this. Poo.
So next time in that part of town, reckon I'll be shopping at least for one afternoon at Dick's. Oh stop!
Oh yeah . . . apparently one of our Fertile Turtles really is fertile. It's still early yet, so I'll not say anymore than that today. Be assured, we all squealed at the news and have plans to knit wittle baby things for her!

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