Monday, July 20, 2009

Yarn Fairy has been in my closet again

I finished another dishcloth and a mitered hanging towel for the kitchen.

With the unusually cool and drier air we've enjoyed (downright weird for July), I'm in a premature autmun mood - so I've been eyeballin' them vest and cardigan patterns. Hmmm . . . Haven't gone so far as to cast on for any yet, though. But they're on my mind, along with pumpkins, the scent of fallen leaves and sleepy soil, and the peculiar shade of blue that the sky turns that time of year.

I'm wanting a fresh go at writing a pattern that I'm happy with for a Swiffer mop cover. Don't judge me until you've tried one! They're handy as hell, but each pattern variation has a thing that bugs me. Mary Beth is on this same hunting trail too, so it ain't just me, lol.

Ear candy lately has been repeated listenings to the Dixie Bee-Liners' album, Ripe. How did I stumble upon them? One of their songs was played at the end of an episode of L&V. I do however, skip the song Dixie Grey to Black, 'cause it's just too sad: I squalled and snotted everytime I heard it, 'fore I finally got smart and just took it off my iPod. But the rest of the album? I'm wearin' it out and lovin' it!

And what do you suppose might happen if a knitter who ain't afraid to design, persue an idea, or talk to new folks were to become inspired by that band's song, The Crooked Road? Check out this link, to see what Miss Violet is up to of late, and what I'm following with profound interest: The Mountain Sole Project. Her journaling of it is already precious, so I can only imagine what the final book will mean to me. Is it done yet??? How 'bout now?

I've finally begun to catalog my yarn stash for Ravelry, and Oh.My. Gawd. Silly me thought this might be done one Tuesday, while the WoW servers were down. It's been over a week, and I've gotten 58 items photographed and entered into the database. That's maybe a third of the pile I started with! Mostly 'cause of the onesies and twosies. I pulled everything out of my stash closet and onto the floor by the 'puter. As I get them keyed in, I put them back into the closet. And ya know them little plastic cauldrons folks use for Halloween decorations? They look kinda cool when filled with sock yarn, lol. The floor is visable again, but I've still got quite a pile to go through before it's all wrangled back in the closet.

Apparently the yarn fairy pooped Koigu in that same closet when I wasn't looking. Seriously, I found two skeins that I do not remember buying. Cool - wonder what the hell else is in there??? It was better than that time I found two $20 bills in the laundry.

Yesterday was Sunday, hence Fertile Turtles Day!

I finally managed to get there before 11am. (interrupting, but the song Crooked Road just cycled back 'round) Mary Beth, Barbara, Carol, and Pat were already roosted for the morning.

Carol is just as effecient and effective at detangling as she is at knitting!

Pat's new lacey thing she was working on last week? Yeah, she finished it already! Told ya she wasn't human, lol.

This is so going on my 'puter desktop as wallpaper!

Brooke, Debra, and Angelika made it in around noon-ish, filling our our little nook nicely.

And just check out Brook's yarn p0rn! Malabrigo lace weight! Yeah, we fondled and gasped appropriately. But she knew the rule, and licked it before showing it to us, thus marking it as decidedly hers. (just kidding)

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