Sunday, July 5, 2009

A dirty little addiction

Them 2-at-a-time Jaywalker socks? Frogged ‘em. It was much too easy a pattern for them to have as many mistakes as they had, so to the frog pond I went with ‘em. I recast with the same yarn, but this time just one sock and on those wonderful little 9” needles that I adore so much.
Ya know, the whole reason for the two-at-a-time method was to have them both done when you’re done, and for them to match exactly, row for row. But it was that technique that kept causing me to make yarn-overs, which would not only put holes in the fabric, but throw my pattern count off, often. And it's more of a product-driven kind of knitting than a pleasurably process-driven thing.

In comparison, doing socks on the 9” needles is a dream! The knitting flows so much more enjoyably, that I doubt the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome will be a problem. As for making them match? Nothing one of those dangley little row counters can’t solve. You know, the ones that also function as stitch markers – I just love them things.

So I’m half way down the leg of the first Jaywalker.

The poor ol’ February Lady Sweater has been neglected for the socks . . . and for the dishcloth binge I’ve been on. Overall, my favorite knitting for the process, not the end product, is something small on a pair of short straight needles. That’s why the dishcloths. And the two covers I made for my Swiffer broom. Reckon I just sometimes need a break from the circs.

Ear candy the past couple of weeks have been repeated viewings of this season’s episodes of True Blood, and some WoW podcasts.

I haven’t written much at all in a couple of weeks, for the knitting and for playing WoW (Granni is now a level 72), and for . . . do I dare even confess it?

Sims 3.

There, I said it. It’s a dirty little addiction, and one that I know better than to indulge in. But I can’t help it! It’s a real love/hate thing, them Sims. When I go through those Sims phases, I play for days and days. I got the new Sims 3 late Saturday night, last week. I didn’t come up for air until Wednesday morning!

But, now that I’ve played through that psychotic little phase, I’m on the other side, and probably won’t touch ‘em for months. Then, they’ll gobble up another couple of days of my life. Sigh.

I still haven’t really begun the job search. My portfolio is pulled together, but that’s about it. I gotta confess to enjoying my status as a kept woman (snicker).

So this morning was another Fertile Turtles Sunday in the café at Borders.

Ginger is working on a Helena baby sweater, but modified it some. She replaced the lace bits with stockinette and is contemplating some embroidery along the chest in colors that will match the buttons. Funny, embroidering my knitting has been tooling around in the back of my mind lately . . .

Deborah was finishing up a knit cabled purse that’ll be lined and sport wooden handles when done. I’m jones-ing for a new knit purse too . . .

Raeus is still truckin’ on her cowl-to-be.

Mary Beth brought her finished Elefante and was considering binding options for the little sundress she’s been working on. Ya know, the shoulders thing.

Angie is also digging the knitted washcloth and Barb was onto yet another knitted preemie hat. But they did stop to peruse some of the books I had carted over to our table.

Me? I cast on for another preemie hat as well. And though I resisted with every ounce of logic I possess, I ended up buying a copy of Wendy D. Johnson’s Socks from the Toe Up. Oh c’mon – it had to be done!

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