Sunday, June 21, 2009

knitting in 3D - just don't do it

Personal updates:

  • My WoW alt toon dinged level 70, and I sooo can't wait to raid with her when she hits 80. She's a dual-spec'd priest, leveling with the DPS spec of course. The only healing I've attemtped was when questing with a friend. One target is no problem. I've yet to run her in a team of players as a healer, so that's my next goal with all those instances in the Northrend zone. But here's the rub . . . I'm scared! The DPS spec I can do almost reflexively, because I have so much time invested in it. The healing spec, however, is all new to me so that I'm still having to think my way through every move. Not good. But it'll never get familiar if I don't jump right in and start doing it. Whoever that first team may be (my first set of patients), I apologize to you now.

  • I've knitted another dishcloth, 'cause the round ones intrigued me. I used a pattern from one of my booklets, and felt kinda luke warm about it. So I poked around on Ravelry for some alternatives. Funny how many times this very same pattern was reposted as an original design my so many others!
  • A friend, Jamarina, spent the day with us here earlier in the week, and she brought her little dog, Lou the chihuahua. Us two gals with our girly dogs had a fun time 'net prowlin, TV watchin, shopping, and eating. And that little doggie, Miss Lou, won a big ol' spot in my heart. So much so, I just had to knit for her! You know how that goes. So I worked up a quickie pattern based on her measurements. I seamed up the final line on it this morning during the Fertile Turtles knitting group. I'm hoping to see Miss Jami this week to give it to her.
  • I've read Acheron this week, and am about to start on Dead and Gone. And I've been having way too much fun on the fan boards at Ravelry for the Sookie Stackhouse series! They're even doing a knit-along for season 2 of True Blood. It's a scarf with a lacey pattern of two holes, you know, like fang marks (giggle). And yup, there' even some True Blood inspired colorways from a dyer out there - no shit!

  • Not much ear candy knitting this week. Well a little with DVR'd episodes of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Mostly just those two easy little projects during the down time while playing WoW. Have I mentioned that I'm really eat up lately with that toon?
  • I'm still draggin' my feet on starting the new job search. So much writing, knitting, and WoWing to do and so little time. But there are some books, yarn, and that spinning wheel I want, so back to work I'll go . . . eventually. Okay, a lot of yarn books.

  • Speaking of WoW, our guild leader made me cry. I got this in the mail the other day, with a wonderful little note that came with it.

It has our guild's name, "Templar Knights," then it says "Rona Heart of the Guild"
I was fanning my eyes there for a bit, but ended up crying anyway.

Our group, the Fertile Turtles, seems to have developed shifts. There's the early crowd from 10am until noon, and the late crowd from noon to 2pm, with just a little overlap. I arrived during today's overlap, and just in time to hear the latest about one of our own who's since had to move out of state. She's had a mystery ailment in one of her arms, that's now being diagnosed as two pockets of strep. Misty came down out of the hills to see us and report on our faraway friend. Apparently her arm swelled 'like a sausage!' We were all thinking about the interruption that would cause to the knitting, but noboday said it. It was really omg-that-dire. Laurie, you're in our hearts and prayers - get better!

Misty's time with us had to be budgeted, so she didn't even bring her knitting in for fear it would shnooker her into staying too long. But she has a swiffer mop cover on the needles. You know, like those ones in the Mason Dixon knitting books. Them patterns have been dallying around in the back of my mind too - Misty, get out of my head!

Check out Pat's Ying Yang Bolero ! It's still a WiP (work in progress), but is already stunning . . . I really love that yarn, more than is probably reasonable.

Carol brought her Leaf Lace Cardigan to finish up, and it looks like it's nearly there. Everything that woman touches turns out beautiful!

Mary Beth had both the Elefante and another preemie cap on the needles today, and warned us against ever trying to knit while in the theater for a movie in 3D such as Up. Just don't do it.

These are just the feet for Elefante, I promise!

I brought the sweatshirt for Lou to finish up. I had the knitting all done, and did the seaming today at the knit-together.

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