Sunday, June 14, 2009

personal and Fertile Turtles updates

This has been a stormy week in Knoxville, and ya know, overcast skies with crisp winds and a bit of lazy rolling thunder is some of the best ear candy in the world for knitting. The Feb Lady Sweater had my attention most of this week, when I wasn't online playing WoW.

By the way, my alt toon Granni is now a 68 and is in Northrend, which pleases me more than it probably should. With her new levels, she ditched the goofy clothes and now has gear more befitting her dignity - check her out!

Yeah, I haven't blogged much since that trip kind of got me out of my routine just a bit. I did share my rough draft of the first act of that fiction I've been dabbling with, emailing it to a guildy that I really trust. He didn't laugh me out of the state, so that's a start. So guess what bit of writing is now rattling around in my head?

I haven't messed with fiction writing in nearly 20 years, until recently, so I'm just a little self-conscious about it. But his reaction was very encouraging - thank you, if you're reading this.

And since WoW was on my mind, guess which knitting project I took with me to the Fertile Turtles knitting group today? My Jaywalking in Goldshire socks, of course!

This time, I snagged a photo of Brooke's Icarus Shawl. She scored the store's last copy of Cookie's new sock book - I know it went to a good home!

Barbara made more preemie hats for the Yarn Bowl charity drive, and made sure to grief Mary Beth at least twice this morning.

Mary Beth had yet another preemie hat too, the Kool Haas hat, and is nearly done with her Ku Ku Doll. We all had ideas on how her eyes should be made. Oh, and Mary Beth? That would be 313 books, ahem. Just sayin'.

Raeus rejoined us for the first time in ages, making several of us squeal. Pat joined us for the first time, and she brought some of that Ty-Dy yarn that Carol often tortures me with. Carol, by the way, only stopped by briefly, as she had a to-do list for today.

Nicole brought her young niece today, who just recently learned to knit and has her first scarf already behind her. She thinks what's on her needles now just might turn out to be a scarf as well. Meet Sierra, our newes knitting sister! Aren't they both just gorgeous? Nicole, have you gotten her on Ravelry yet?

Nicole and I turned her crocheted butterflies this way and that, since we knew they're supposed to be folded in half to look like butterflies, but . . . they didn't. No matter which we contorted the poor dears, they didn't resemble butterflies. Until Angie took 'em in hand, tilted her head just a little, gave one of them a pinch, and said, "Here ya go," and damned if she didn't make 'em look like pretty butterflies!
But ya know, Angie, that scarf really will be never-ending if you don't do more than just stare at it!

Ginger won the day for oooohs and aaaaahhs! At a recent craft fair in Lenoir City, she not only won some yarn, but this too! The Knit Picks yarn swift!! "omg" doesn't cover it. Here, just look it!

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  1. Ya mean I'm not the only one with a swift now? Her's maybe nicer than mine, but mine still works wonders.

    BTW-Thanks for the great photos of me!