Monday, June 1, 2009

Crazy Day

Early in the morning I head out for Aiken, South Carolina for a friend’s graduation. This simple marker in his life has turned into a crazy sort of WoW guild mini-convention centering around his house, where a lot of us who’ve played online together for two years or more will finally get to meet in person.
And that means today is Crazy Day. I’ve the following to get done before I can close my eyes tonight:

  • buttload of laundry
  • start some chili in the crockpot
  • run the dog to the groomer
  • pack my freshly washed clothes, pool cue, air mattress, camera, cell phone, various chargers, make up, make up remover, hair doo-dads, rough draft of fanfic to show a guildy, his graduation gift, & my knitting bags (wonder if I should bring the drop spindle too?)
  • water the plants
  • put my host’s phone numbers into my cell phone (though I’m pretty sure they’re in there already)
  • update my iPod’s podcasts
  • wash my hair
  • paint my nails
  • pack up the car
  • mapquest my way to their house
  • mapquest my way to yarn stores in Aiken
  • mapquest my way back home

And if I can squeeze in making a cake today too, my guys will be set. I’ve already loaded up the ‘fridge with stacks of frozen dinners. Between that and a huge pot of chili, with some hot dogs on standby, and a cake . . . and the laundry all caught up, they won’t be hungry and naked while I’m gone for almost a week.

Miss Belle and I, however, are going to miss each other terribly. I’ve been on trips that lasted a couple of days before, by myself. But I don’t reckon I’ve ever been away this long before. Yet, when choosing the days on the calendar, I didn’t want to miss a thing or feel rushed during the visit. I want to soak up everyone’s company as much as I can, ‘cause I’m really, really attached to these people!

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