Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fertile Turtles

I got to our knitting group around noon, and I made the seventh one there. Apparently, folks want to do outdoor things in the spring. Crazy huh? Carol shared the news that she now has an email addy, and is on Ravelry! Woo-hoo! Y’all go tag the PsychoSister as your own friend.

And she brought with her some more of that Ty-Dy cotton yarn that makes me weak in the knees every time I see it. I want some of that and their sock yarn too!

And for her next trick, Carol decreed that our group’s name is indeed the Fertile Turtles! Who am I to argue? The very moment I got back home, I logged onto Ravelry and started our own group & forum over there, followed by me putting in a request on the appropriate board for a banner design.

All we needed was a name.

For awhile there, I envisioned the old Clint Eastwood cowboy movies, The Man With No Name series, only as the Knitting Group With No Name (insert odd whistled tune here).

Angie and Nicole worked hard on birthing a crocheted butterfly, despite the convoluted nature of written crochet patterns. Debbie was nearing the end of her lacey scarf and decided she wanted beads on it. Barbara was shy with her knitting, though you should see her FOs on the Yarn Haven's show and tell page! And Ginger brought in a library copy of EZ’s Knitters Almanac. I learned that it was She who named the I-cord, and what that ‘I’ stands for . . . the Idiot Cord! I just love her, the mother of all knitters. I took my Jaywalker socks out for today’s KIP’ing.

And just as we were winding down and the last stragglers were leaving, Christine introduced herself to us and asked if we were a knitting group. “Why yes, yes we are! And we just named ourselves too! Tell me, are you on Ravelry yet?”

I do hope she comes back.

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