Saturday, May 9, 2009


School is done (for now) and I got all As. Now it’s time to focus on preparing for the professional exam, so I can be a CCS-P when I grow up ("Moon Grows Up" take 3). Oooooooooh, the shopping I will do, once I’m employed again (cue the evil laughter)!

The tornadoes that tore through east Tennessee went all around our county and hit everybody but us Knoxvillians. Sometimes, I think there’s an umbrella over our valley.

My portable project, the shawl, hasn't ported anywhere this week

The Lady February Sweater, knit from the top down, now covers the girls.

I’m closing up the bottom of the reusable shopping bag – that one’s pert near done.

The blanket is mostly in pieces and still serves as my source of knitterly guilt. Maybe it’s such that I’ll always have a project like this lying around.

Still loving my drop spindles. Been sitting on the fence for a long while ‘bout taking the next step, but lately I’m really on about it. A spinning wheel is in my future, no doubt. I’m kinda eyeballin’ those Ladybug wheels.

Listening to LimenViolet and perusing their various sites has rekindled my soap-making mood. There may just be a soap day in my kitchen again, here soon. Remind me, one of these days, to tell ya the story of sending my husband out to buy the things I needed to get started making soap. There’s a giggle in it.

My main, Rona, has gotten champion status in the Argent Tournament, earning the title Rona of Darnassus. Yeah, even the exalted one. I’ll raid Naxx-25 with her tonight, but not tomorrow, ‘cause that would be Mommies’ Day.

My alt, Granni, dual spec’d this week. She’s been shadow for leveling, but can now heal. If only I could find a group willing to be my first set of patients . . .

Still working on that piece of fiction I’m writing.

Our son is having second thoughts about the military, and I don’t blame him. He’s lookin’ really nice with short hair, kinda has a Prince Harry or Earnhardt Jr look.

The fish spawning was unfruitful again.

I think Mrs. Discus is secretly using birth control, I swear I do.

Miss Belle is epic’d out with purple ribbons and purple nails. If standard poodles weren’t unique enough in temperament, she’s an Aquarian, which means she has ideas of her own.

Hubby is still the greatest. He doesn’t always get the things I’m into, but he gets me.

You plant a tater, you get a tater. And you can believe that.


  1. Drop spindle... drop spindle?? I have a drop spindle, and I'm too chicken to try it. I want to spin some cotton from a bag of bolls I was given at the Farmer's Market. Got any helpful ideas?

  2. I'm still learning on the wool, and haven't braved cotton yet. I understand that plant fibers call for a different amount of twist, though.
    There's a Ravelry group that has resources in one neat place:

  3. Thanks. I'll check it out. Last year when I got the cotton, I joined a couple of spinning groups that had very little help for me. Maybe this one will be just what I need.