Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today at the LYS

I went down there and got me some of them 9" circulars in US sizes 5 and 6. Come to find out, the reason I thought they didn't come any bigger than a 3, was that HiyaHiyas don't come any bigger than a 3 . . . . oh but wait! They're not the only ones in this great big world making these itty bitty needles . . . I didn't know there were other brands, hence my ignorance that a herd of them was in existence just down the road a short piece, at my LYS. Ka Bamboo makes these 9" wonders in sizes 0 - 10 !!!
While I was there, I got some more dk acrylic for some more preemie caps, this time in orange and white - go Vols! And just as I was leaving, the lady in line behind me at the counter introduced herself to Diane as someone from the local channel 43. Their station held an online contest recently in which the natives all voted for their favorite restaraunt, bar, and retailers in various subcategories. Our LYS was among the contestants for the arts and crafts category. Guess who won? (clicky, clicky) So this lady was presenting the store with a nifty little sign, already framed. I was really tickled to have been there for that moment.
Ya know, I felt really guilty driving down there to spend more money on yarny things. But those needles - omg! And I had a skein of sock yarn in my hands to go with . . . but then saw the orange dk, and thought of those preemie caps all done up in UT colors. Okay, some guilt alleviated by putting the selfish sock yarn back (but it was pretty!), and picking up the baby yarn instead.
And, cheesey though this sounds, it felt like a god-wink to have been there when the store was receiving it's award. The two things together, the babies' hat yarn and the happy timing of it all kinda feels like the knitting angel was reassuring me it'll all be alright.
Gawd that sounds corny, lol, but there it is.

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