Wednesday, May 20, 2009

create the time

I had wanted to write about those knitting and wine nights, and had that on my mind when I stumbled upon the book Pints & Purls. It was during one of those virtual window shopping moments, lol. Its description was of projects that are both portable and simple, so as to be appropriate things to take to those knitting groups that meet in bars.

Yes, those do exist . . . or so I’ve heard . . . the groups in bars part.

So I added the book to my wish list. But then this past weekend, while at my knitting group in the book store, I found a copy on the shelf. Cool – now I can look at it in person, and see how it is. I was both amused and disappointed. It has the waterproof cover, like a survival guide, and its artwork is old-fashioned-saloon flavor. Cute marketing, no doubt.

But the actual patterns in it were a let-down. I know, they can’t be too interesting or they wouldn’t be a good choice for drunken knitting, and let’s be honest, that’s what this book is aiming for. Drunken knitting that can’t be screwed up, lol. But really? It’s more of a collection of how many ugly things can be done with an ugly felted square. I hate to be that critical of a book, but seriously it’s only value is as a conversation piece. It’s a cute idea, but not at all useful. Okay, maybe as a coaster, but that’s about it. Look at it and get your chuckle, then put it right back on the shelf from whence it came. You’ve done got all you’re ever gonna out of it.

Back to my first thought, lemme tell ya about wool + wine nights (insert contented sigh here). You know how I’m all about the multi-tasking while I knit, yet I’ve mentioned that sometimes I just listen to music instead of dialogue. It’s on those rare occasions that I make a spa event of my knitting session.

It’s when I have the den to myself and I’ll put on some mellow music, maybe even something new agey and spa-like. I fill a silver platter with lit candles and place it on the coffee table in front of my spot on the couch. I dim the lights to just enough and don my favorite pajamas. With glass of wine in hand, I settle in to knit something with an indulgent hand. This ain’t the time for the scratchy acrylic yarn, or for fussy pattern repeats. This is not even working on anything. It’s my retreat, and it’s for wallowing in the softest of yarns on the good set of needles. Sometimes knitting is our escape, instead of another thing on our to-do list. Sometimes, instead of knitting whenever life gives us a moment, we have to create the moment.

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