Thursday, February 4, 2010

A cullin' is a' comin'

The Grape Ape socks have the first completed, and I just turned the heel on its mate this morning. And it's tough showing off your sock knitting without a model or some blockers to help out. So, um, blockers are on my shopping list now, to avoid this bending-over-to-shoot thing again.

My dear friend in Indianna is now a proud Gramma, and the wee one's new hat is currently en route to him.

I've also been moving into my new craft room! Hubby got five inexpensive, plain white book shelves, arranged them like this with those two back-to-back, and then bolted them all together so nothing topples. He even fashioned some finishing trim for the joins!
The current gameplan is for some baskets or cubbies to fill the tops of those shelves.

He replaced the old doors with these pretty white ones. Um, I hung the no-mar hooks all over the shelves, lol.

I know the yarn ain't in place yet, but I'm waiting to get the little shelves with drawers, which will go under the craft tables that still need to be drug up there.
I say 'up there' because they're currently downstairs in our split-foyer house, in the old den. Why I say 'old den' is a long story.
But this new craft room is upstairs in our daughter's old bedroom.

This shelf has five hooks lined up and down it's side, for sock-projects-to-be to hang. I'm thinking matching this physical queue up with my Ravelry one.

Hubby even put up a new medallion and blades on that old fan, matching up the gold with the door handles and hinges.

See the stacks of magazines surrounding Miss Belle? They're sorted by publisher. A cullin' is a comin'.

The tables will go along these walls, hence I gotta get the magazines squared away before moving them in, and they gotta go in place so the drawers can go in under 'em, and then the yarn can move in. Whew!
Silly me thought I was gonna get all moved in in just one weekend. Nah, that was how long it took to group the books by function. You know, all my stitch dictionaries together, my sock books on one shelf, my technique books together, etc. And lemme tell ya, it's shocking how much redundancy there's been in my purchasing habits.
This special piece will get a corner in there too. Probably the one behind where Belle is in that photo. It's a painting table that my Papaw designed and built himself, many decades ago. He made it to adjust and tilt anyway and at any level you could want. He made that stool too.

And yeah, that painting there is one of his. He passed away
about 25 years ago, and these were old already by then, so I can only guess they're 40+ years old.
Check out the storage door and hidey hole!

Simply ingenius.
Now I'm no fine art painter, just a craft/folk painter. So this is more shrine than studio, but I do use it. The brushes and such are mine.
Yeah, this thing needs to go in the craft room, instead of tucked in the awkward place of 'end of the living room.'


  1. Wow!!! I am not only totally impressed, but jealous as all get out!! Gorgeous room!!! I would say that your house has had some major transformations since I was last there a couple years ago! I am slowly taking over the living room here. LOL I finally went through and sorted and ziplocked all my spinning fiber and yarns.

    Hope to one day catch up and spend some time together! ((hugs))

  2. Moon I think your hubby spoils you ;) But he does a great job of it ;)