Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flask of Knitting Mojo

Update time!
  • the 12" circs arrived for the FLS's sleeves - yay!
  • while at the LYS picking up them needles, I scored another skein of the Malabrigo in the same color for some fingerless gloves to match the half done scarf and the finished Calorimetry. Yeah, I did another one, and this one's for me! I also fondled every skein of every thing Sandy carries there, three times each.
  • Also picked up two colors of Boku for future Calorimetrys . . . This will be the Year of the Calorimetry at my house, you'll see.
  • And picked up the book, Knitting More Circles Around Socks, with some yarn for it's basic toe-up pattern for adults; gotta start the toe-up learning somewhere, doncha know.
  • Finished all three pieces of the Fast Fun Fiesta Vest, the left front coming off the needles just this morning. After blocking, it'll get it's finishing stitching done and buttons added
  • Granni is now a 75 and is flying in Northrend thanks to a handy little tome sent to her by my main -- woot! And yeah, she does the flying carpet thing.
  • The LYS visits and constant yearning for a spinning wheel are kinda motivating me to get off my butt and go job-seeking. That and all the talk of health care reforms is sparking more noble reasons in my heart to get out there and work in medical billing/coding. Seriously, things are changing and I want in on those changes during these historical times! Well, since nobody's paying me to sit in my pajamas knitting scarves and Calormitrys, lol. Shush!

This week's ear candy whilst knitting has been:

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