Monday, August 10, 2009

And to wind up the night

I had to leave our knit-together yesterday an hour early to pick up my son, and took Jami with me so we could grab a bite during her lunch break (she still works there at Borders).
This is where my normal Sunday evening routine went wonky, but it was all for the good.

Tennessee enjoys a weekend every late summer or early fall that's a sales tax-free weekend for certain items that relate to the back-to-school shopping thing. You know, clothes, school supplies, and cheap computers. The local retailers respond with big sales and promotions. It makes for a shopping frenzy the likes of which you normally would see in December . . . but with our August heat instead (chuckle). So my son wanted some work clothes.

When I brought Jami back to work, the knitting group was still in the cafe, though packing up for the day. I got to briefly meet Sara, who joined the group right after I had left, and those that were still there got to meet my son. Cool.

She is already an accomplished knitter, making these gorgeous, lacey, fingerless gloves. And I proved that my son does indeed resemble Prince Harry . . . or Earnhardt Jr. depending on your tastes.

By the time I got back home for good, I normally would've WoW'd a bit with guildies. But it was already time to hit the kitchen and feed my own small horde, so I missed out on Sunday raiding. But in its place, my son got some badly needed wardrobe updates.

My Sunday night did, however, snap back into place in time for the latest episode of True Blood. Excuse me, whilst I go read the True Blood fan boards over on Ravelry . . .

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