Monday, August 24, 2009

Brains in a Box

Ravelry is definitely the means by which we knitters are taking over the world; two new folks found our knitting group and came by yesterday. Patterns that come up in conversation during the get-together, get linked on our group's Ravelry boards that afternoon. And we all know which LYS carries what line of products, since our group is spread amongst the three shops in our region, 'cause we're tellin' all on that site. It's our means to continue or illustrate any point that might be made during the knit-together. Funny how knitting has made me appreciate the technology that's at hand.

Brook and Anastasia holding up Brook's Icarus Shawl, which is now getting chart #2 worked.
Remember me telling y'all how Anastasia is learning to knit on a toe-up sock? Okay, I just thought that was scarey. But no.
The scary part came yesterday, when she whooped out this hand drawn chart that she translated herself from the written sock instructions!
She, Brook, and I got to talkin' about my computer woes with it's lack of RAM. Mostly I was bemoaning having to shop for things I don't understand, like memory sticks. They were trying to explain to me that the number of processors a 'puter has is like how many brains are in the box. Yeah, okay. I have no idea what that means, but I'm so calling this post Brains in a Box.
Raeus had this nifty little gadget she called her 'rock,' that holds up her patterns while she knits. You can click on most of these photos to see a bigger image.

And folks, check out Carol's finished vest! This is that Ty-Dy cotton yarn that Pat used on her vest. You know, the yarn that gives me that warm happy feeling. Yeah, that stuff. Bee-yoo-ti-ful!
Pat, where were you yesterday? Miss you!

And this is Carol's latest WiP, the Swirl Shawl.
Remember that mention she got in the sock book? She was one of the knitters that worked up models for Knitting More Circles Around Socks. Found out that it was 'In the Diagonal' on page 54, and 'Bobbles and Slips' on page 29 that she worked up. Yeah, that's her work in the photos!

Barb has a baby sweater just started, and I noticed she's packin' them square circular needles too! Next time you see her, ask her about the difference between the male and the female eggplants; dare ya.

Caitlyn made in for her first time, with her pink FLS in Malabrigo. We were explaining to her the origin of our group's name, hence the eggplant conversation that followed (snicker).

Amanda also came to check us out yesterday, and brought her cablework with which to KiP.

We had some fun with the turtle puppet that Borders is selling in its children's department.

And Oliver kept us entertained every moment he could spare. He makes the best caramel mochas, I swear!

Ginger dashed in just long enough to clip her swift to a chair, pose with her Cascade yarn, wind said yarn, and then she dashed right back out. I couldn't make this up if I tried. Have ya seen her finished baby sweater? It's really pretty in gray and pink.
Nicole made it in too, and brought her baby bibs she's crocheting.
We talked a bit about homemade house cleaners, and I haven't forgotten. I promise I'll post my recipes soon.


  1. btw Did the Ram work for you? - Anastasia

  2. got it installed just fine, thanks!
    For WoW, though, it only helped some. (sigh)