Saturday, May 16, 2009


The shawl, sweater, and blanket have been patiently waiting for me to finish up that bag and some preemie caps. Now they emerge once again to watch TV with me.

Okay, I did indulge in some spinning last night with the aforementioned drop spindle.

I’m really jones-ing to get my WoW alt up to 80 so I can raid with her. Granni is closing on 65, lol. I gotta hurry her to 67 so she can wear her new robe: her current ‘gear’ makes her look like a member of the Red Hat Society.

The fiction piece has been waiting along with the three knitting projects, for me to return. Been working on writing patterns for a cardigan and a small bag thingy . . . Ya know, I can think up patterns quickly enough, it’s the knitting of the demo model that slows this down, lol. Wonder if I could recruit some test knitters . . . what?

Pulling together my portfolio to start the job search. The Ladybug Wheel is a good motivator, lol.

Our son showed some interest in playing WoW, last night, and my heart leapt. Tracy taught me some new cuss words when our taxes were finalized last week. Most of them revolved around the self-employed status of sub-contracted construction workers in America. The dog’s still my shadow and the fish have been more modest this week. There is, however, this crazy chipmunk in the neighborhood that keeps trying to come in our house.

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