Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today's Knit Together

We had a really good turn out this morning of about 8 folks, and a surprise visit from Jan of the Yarn Patch in Crossville. Sadly, I don’t make it to Crossville very often. But one of these days, I’ll make it there. Possibly on September 25, 2010. Why? I learned today that there’s a fiber festival in Crossville, and that’s when it comes back around again.

Carol was wearing her gorgeous turquoise February Lady Sweater, and I took mine to work on today. I gotta confession to make: I was so into the conversations around me, I didn’t get anything done on it.

We kicked around Fertile Turtles as a group name, and I could just smell the history being made, lol. My thinking is this: its origin is a humorous one which represents us all well, and turtle reflects the slowness and purposefulness of knitting, and fertile is for the idea of knitting being a productive thing. Out of the conversation, came the explanation (the replay) of how turtle reproduction came to be a point of disagreement on that fateful day. Funny!

We all said our bye-for-nows to Misty, who’s going out of town for the summer to help tend to her ailing grandmother. She assured us she’ll be back here in the fall. Misty, we’ll miss you!

Learned something else today too. Them 9” circular needles I ordered last week? The ones I lamented didn’t come in a gauge any bigger than a US3? The ones I thought nobody locally carried? Yeah them. My favorite LYS has ‘em, and they do too come in bigger gauges after all. Why didn’t anybody tell me??? Oh yeah, Mary Beth did today. Now, I just gotta try not to obsess over it until the LYS opens back up again on Tuesday. That would be the day the WoW servers go down all day, like they do every Tuesday. There will be some serious knitting done on that day for sure. I might even take the phone off the hook.

Nicole wants crocheted butterflies to go on that baby blanket she’s worked up. Nicole, the book I was thinking of isn’t by Epstein after all. She wrote one that’s similar, but for knitted motifs. The one I’m thinking of, got it right here in front of me, is called 101 Thread Crochet Embellishments by Delsie Rhoades. Though the patterns are for thread, you could substitute a bigger yarn. The other one, for the blanket trims, is called 101 Crochet Edges by Rita Weiss. Both books are from ASN Publishing. The knitted version by Nicky Epstein is called Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments from Interweave Press. Found some nifty links for some butterflies here.

On the way home, I swung by the grocery store and, omg, you know those rotisserie chickens that all the stores are doing these days? Well, there would just be no living with me until I had a chicken leg to gnaw on, lol. Now, I'm in my soft sweat suit, with a belly full of chicken and pasta salad, and a fresh cold soda, and absolutely nothing else to do today. Ain't Sundays just the bee's knees?

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  1. YAY! Thanks so much... I have a few patterns I printed out so far to flutter my hooks and needles