Tuesday, May 26, 2009

time stamps

I’m a new LnV fan, and in between their podcast episodes, I’ve been going to the old ones starting all the way back to the beginning. According to iTunes, their first one was in June 2006. It was really cool hearing them squee over Brenda Dayne’s podcast, just like I was doing (and am still doing) during that time. And ya know, I kinda remember Brenda mentioning new and upcoming knitting podcasters and specifically Lime ‘n Violet. I’m pretty sure I didn’t dream it.

Hearing them discuss which knitting skills they haven’t mastered yet and are going to in their next project (3 years ago), and then comparing that to their awesome knitterness today is literally hearing them grow as knitters. How cool is that to have an audible scrapbook of growth and progress? Pretty damn cool.

And I can also hear them grow as podcasters. They started off polite and pert near structured, but couldn’t help veering off into other topics, like they do now. But back then, they were very apologetic for those diversions, which is hilarious since they –and we listeners – have since grown to embrace that about them. Knowing them like we listeners do now, you can hear them on the old episodes resisting a dirty thought, and I swear one time I think I actually heard one of them quickly cover her own mouth! Back then, they sounded as if they were on their ‘company behavior.’ Nowadays, they sound like old friends with their more comfortable and familiar rhythms.

The classic moment was hearing them introduce the then-new segment “Yarn Porn,” which is a regular feature of every podcast now. And they mentioned an awareness project called Blue River, which I remember when it was all the buzz as a new thing . . . only they mentioned it as something with a due date in 2007 and describing it as something for which we knitters still had “plenty of time.”

One day this past week, I heard them refer to Karen for the first time, and wondering aloud if it would be okay to share her blog address with the listeners. That’s cute to hear in 2009, since she’s now another co-host of the show with an equally big ‘net presence.

And I got more than just a time-capsule exploration out of this. There’s this magic cast-on I knew about, knew I had seen it somewhere online a long time ago, and have been wanting to re-find. Damned if they didn’t mention it and its location in one of those first few episodes, as it was news back then. Thank you Knitting Angel, I was looking for that.

The ultimate baby-photo-kind-of-moment was when they mentioned being so proud of their 1000 listeners. I wonder how many bujillion listeners there are today?

They’ve come a long way in three short years, and they have their growth recorded and shared with the world. But hearing all those time-stamped references had me thinking back to who I was and what I was up to at those times too. Reckon all us knitters grow as we knit, even the quiet ones.

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