Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drying the orange

Them orange and white preemie hats? The plaid one and the one I’m doing now (spiraling stripes) that’s only about 20 minutes worth of knitting from being done? Yeah, them. It was just, oh so gently, pointed out to me (hugs and thanks to Beadntat) that I just committed a really dumb boo-boo.

I mixed the fibers!

For you nonknitters out there, the white yarn is acrylic and very machine washable. The orange, however, is 100% wool and could felt in the machine – eeeeeeek!

There is a possible saving grace kind of thing that could happen. The orange is meant for baby knitting, and the label says one could wash it in the machine, but lay it flat to dry.

I was going to wash them all anyway, before turning them in, so . . . mayhaps that Knitting Angel will preserve the hats okay through the process. I’m going to dry them in the machine along with the others that I know will handle it okay.

Why? ‘Cause that’s what will happen to them out in the real world. If they come out of my machine okay, then, ‘whew!’ If they don’t, well, I’d rather I be the one to make that discovery than some poor parent who’s already having a tough time.

I’m off to finish that spiraling one right quick, so I can test ‘em all in the wash. I won’t be able to relax about anything until I know whether or not these two are dryer safe.

Y’all cross yer fingers for the orange coming through okay!


  1. There's enough of the white in there that you should be ok. The orange squares might tighten up a little but I really think you'll be fine! Let us know how they come out of the machine!

  2. I sure will.
    I took a 'before' picture, lol. The 'after' pic will be the tell-all, here in a short bit. Just waiting on the dryer.