Friday, May 8, 2009

Look up

Ya know, art is everywhere, so I reckon we’ll find it where ever it is we’re lookin’. I play WoW a lot, so I see that virtual world almost daily. And it’s happened again. Maybe because I posted about Netherstorm’s colors the other day, and WoW’s palette was just on my mind. For whatever the reason, I’ve been struck again by colors while playing.

The game has holidays in it that closely mimic real life ones, but they’re renamed to eliminate any religious bickering. We just finished the Noble Gardens Celebration, a spoof off Easter, and right on its heels came Children’s Week. I have no idea what its real life equivalent is other than take-yer-kid-with-ya-to-work. You (your character) go to the orphanage in the capital city, pick one up, and then take him or her with you as you go about your battles and quests and such. Oh, but it ain’t that easy – hold on! The kid has a list of places he or she wants to see, and you get to play tour guide.

Meet Dornaa.

My little betailed, and behooved darling girl wanted to see Auchindoun, the ancient burial place of her race, the Draeni. She said this, when we finally got there, “Oh, it’s just wonderful! I mean, it looks pretty old . . . and yeah, someone sure did blow it up. But look at it! Ooh, and did you look up at the sky? Neato!”

Now I had finished all the quests in that area ages ago, and haven’t really gone back to it. And just like in real life, we get busy with the tasks at hand, and forget to appreciate the things around us. I had never noticed the sky in Auchindoun, so I moused straight up, and this is what I saw.

And it immediately put me in mind of these yarns, Nyame and Thraven, put together in something swirly.

Funny how it took an indoor video game character to remind me to “look up at the sky.”

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  1. Awesome sky! Kinda draws you in like a cosmic mandala.