Thursday, June 10, 2010

Knittin' & Noddin'

Aren't these some very happy lookin' people?  Check out Mom & Babe, just knittin' and noddin'.  Kristine has her Baby Longlegs as a pattern up on the Knit Picks site - congratulations!  Doesn't Pat make that lace dead sexy?  She had a bamboo tape yarn going into a kimono.  And meet Diane, who brought some wool socks to her first KiP with us.   Raeus and Debra are both doing Ten Stitch Blankets.    Barb worked on a jacket, Jessica worked on a luxury handtowel, and Oliver learned to knit!  For real - not just cranking out Icords on the Wonder Knittr, and not just casting on.  He's knitting them stitches now and reports being past the half-way point in making his doggy a blanket.  We're so proud!

Lynda brought her drop spindle, and had some raspberry & black alpaca/silk going, on which Raeus done called dibs.  I took my wheel out for the first time, and am relieved to report that she travels quite well.  I worked on some more Frabjous Fibers BFL, this time using the Tapestry colorway.  Since last Sunday's knitting group, I've already 2-plied it, soaked it, and hung it to dry.   Dunno what to name this one though.  Summer Stains maybe?

And speaking of colors, dyeing my own fibers is very much on my mind . . . kinda the way spinning was for a long time.  Just kinda gestating in its own little room in my head.  It'll come forward and happen kinda soon, ya know? 

I've been on the prowl for some new podcasts for knitting/spinning ear candy, since the demise of an old favorite.  And folks, I kinda knew there were a lot out there, but sheesh!  I've found more ear candy than I think is possible to follow - but I'm sure gonna try!  I'm really digging the podcast thing while spinning even more than I already did while knitting.  I've found that spinning is more introverted and I don't really want to look up at the TV or anything else.  I just wanna keep my head tucked down, my eyes glazed over in the direction of the spinning, and my ears wide open, catching everything.  It's kind of zoned-meditation and hyper awareness at the same time. 

So what all have I found in podcast land?  I thought you'd never ask!  After weeding out the ones that just don't light my bulb, I'm subscribed to the following:
  • Cast On
  • Craft Culture
  • Destiknit
  • Knitmoregirls
  • Math4Knitters
  • Stash and Burn
  • Dyeing to Knit
  • The High Fiber Diet
  • Spin Control
  • Yarnspinner's Tales
  • The Best of John Boy and Billy
  • Bluegrass Highway
  • Jim Harold's Campfire
  • Paranormal Podcast
  • Podcast Appalachia
  • President Obama's Weekly Address
  • Call to Auction
  • The Instance
  • OutDPS!
  • World of Warcast
  • WoW Insider
  • Librivox: Balder Dead
  • Librivox: Bulfinch's Mythology
  • Librivox: Popular Tales from the Norse
  • Librivox: Volsungasaga
  • Nordic Drones

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