Thursday, December 31, 2009

When shawls fly

So frogging those two pair of mistake-riddled socks, you know the ones, turned out to actually be fun! That's right, this vehemently anti-frogger giggled her way through it. Why? 'Cause of that swift and ball-winder my folks got me for Christmas, that's why. In fact, it was so much fun, I started lookin' around the house to see what else I could find that could be wound! I frogged the socks that weren't workin' out, and with that ball 'n chain off me, I was free to knit socks again with all that yummy yarn.

However, there's still some other, nonsocky, UFOs (unfinished objects) in my life. These past two weeks has been me dealing with them. All the while, with visions of what all could be done with that new Noro in my stash. I'm thinking a side-to-side vest, so the colors will travel vertically (and so I'll have enough leftovers to make accessories), or Zimmerman's ABC jacket with some fibonacci striping, or a modular something-or-other. The time will come when my FLS is complete, and I'll spend an entire day, or two, immersed in the pattern selection process for a Noro project - can't wait!

Decision-wise, so far as what to knit now, I feel a little bit freer, with even more freedom waiting for me when the existing unfrogged projects are done.

So the Friday before last, New Year's Day, I spent the entire day purusing sock patterns, both here in my books and online. Finally settled on the one that has been in and out of my Ravelry queue since I first got on that site. That night, I wound up the purple Malabrigo Sock yarn that hubby gave me, and cast on for a pair of Monkey socks. I'm gonna call them My Mal Monkey. And it felt soooo good to finally be knitting socks again! They're coming along nicely too, faster than I thought I could do socks - it's that good of a pattern. Cookie just rocks.

Saturday was all about taking down the holiday stuff. It's a mix of dread and anticipation, that is. Every year I dread the task, and yet every time my feelings about it evolve while doing it. It starts out feeling like a big ol' crappy housework chore that nobody will help me with. But as I progress in it, it starts to feel like I'm cleaning out the old year, the holiday season, and even winter it self. As I put the sunflowery stuff back in my kitchen, it really feels like I'm bringing on the summer that is to be. One of them transitions things that I feel on a primal level, ya know?

The day after that, I played hooky from our knit-together. I messaged them that I was staying in for a pajama-day, which is the polite code phrase for staying home bra-less and gorging on Oreos all day. I played WoW some and knitted lots, and that day's knitting was done in a way I haven't done in a very long time - without ear candy. No music, podcasts, or documentaries. Nada. Instead I had the Yule Log Fire Place on blu-ray playing, but with its music turned off. I used the option of just the fire crackling, thank you very much. Cheesey, I know. I grew up with a fireplace, and really miss it. No, we ain't got one, here (pout). So I put that puppy in the machine, lit a ton of candles on the coffee table, and just knitted in quiet. Did I mention how quickly this sock is coming along? Since then, I haven't had the den to myself long enough to do the fake fireplace thing again, but another day like it will come, no doubt.

So after two short work weeks in a row, thanks to the holidays, we got yet a third when Thursday's snow sent folks home early for what ended up being three days snowed in. Much knitting was done and a metric ton of coffee was consumed. Ear candy that weekend was the mini-series about Nasa's space trips, by Tom Hanks. They were all on-demand, through the cable company, and hubby and I took a day and a half to watch 'em all. By Saturday evening, the salt trucks saw fit to treat our cul-de-sac for the first time ever. I believe, by the looks of it, the driver just dumped the leftovers out here, 'cause now it looks like a beach. Sounds like one too, when I drive through it.

And then this past Sunday, I made it back to our Fertile Turtles knitting group at the bookstore - yay! And folks, I took my Monkey socks in that new little go-knit bag, and nobody was injured with it this week.

Pam was sportin' a newly finished tam, and has Cookie's Wanida socks on her needles, which kinda made me wanna take another look at that pattern. Oh yeah, 'cause I just don't have enough in my project queue.

Anastasia's Bella cardigan is coming along very nicely. I'm just stunned that this is only her second knitting project - I expect knitting miracles from her, now, on a regular basis.

And would you just look at these adorable, felted, elf boots! Mary Beth created these, and currently has a dog sweater in the works.
Barbara is working on the baby cardigan and personally bracing for her upcoming surgery. Barbara, our wooly thoughts and warm wishes for a speedy recovery are with you!

Brooke has renamed her Icarus Shawl the Daedalus Shawl, because, as she said, "This one will fly!" I just love her.
Nicole is making a baby cacoon and Luna has a blue Malabrigo Thorpe on her needles.
Kim made it back to us, and is using some of that Sugar Rush yarn to make a baby sweater & hat set. It really is made from sugar cane viscose!
Debra is sportin' a new hair do that is gorgeous, and brought some projects that didn't quite get done in time for the holidays. I suggested they might be good birthday presents, to which she replied, "Nah, next Christmas!" Sounds like a game plan to me.
Kristine brought in a super-secret project, all finished, and while with us, she cast on for yet another mystery. Um, she's looking into submitting these original patterns for publication, so no photos just yet - sssshhhh! Do stay tuned - she's really on to something!
Oh, and I hear tell that Oliver now has at least twenty feet of knitted I-cord (chuckle).

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