Saturday, December 12, 2009

Granni goes to town

Right up front, it's World of Warcraft's fault that I'm late posting this week. Patch 3.3 came out, and with it a little fix that's gotten no media attention, and I listen to a lot of WoW podcasts. They gave us a little line of code to add to one of the game files that enables us XP users to actually get some of the graphics. What does that mean to me? Well, the virtual city of Dalaran has been completely unavailable to me due to the graphics - until now. It's still buggy, but do-able, and that's opened up the game so much, particularly for my newest level 80 character, Granni the human priest. And with all the holiday season madness going on around here, I don't have much free time as it is, but boy-howdy, have I managed to squeeze in some WoW!

Speaking of holiday madness, why so mad around here? At Thanksgiving, Mom announced that the Christmas dinner would be at my house this year. Gulp.

And I was pretty sure that we didn't have six plates that matched. We've a bujillion near-sets that we've collected over the years. And at various times, we've had enough that matched to serve everybody. But not at the moment.

So today, for example, was spent not only running weekly errands but also fighting the shopping crowds and traffic to piece together a presentable dining set. And I'm oh-so happy that I finally did that (big grin here)! My guys helped with the housework while I ran to and fro, depositing shopping loads, and then dashing out for the next round. Then this evening was the beginning of rearranging the kitchen cabinets with the stuff that all matched, once they were freshly washed, of course.
Tomorrow, after the knitting group, hubby and I will make our joint shopping list for the gifts, and I'll also make the housework list that'll cover everyday of this week. Next week, the last one before Christmas (I know!) will be about the candy making.

And ya know, I've managed to finish knitting that scarf, that's gonna be a gift, and one ball ornament. I nearly have the second ornament done, and yet I'm still surrounded by my UFO's. I'm feeling a UFO-decluttering mood coming on, but it's gonna have to wait until after the holidays. Besides, if I frog any of 'em, it would be nice to have the swift and ball winder that's on my wish list.

Oh yeah, and I've started knitting another one of those mitered hanging towels, in holiday colors, and it's past the half-way point. I want it done and ready to use for Christmas dinner cooking. We're having a big ol' roast, by the way.

On a side note, I swung by one of the chain craft stores recently and picked up some of Bernat's new sock yarn. I do love how sock yarn is affordable at them places, though those are thicker and the colors are limited. But the options are out there, and sometimes I like thick socks. But anyhoo, I bought Bernat's new sock yarn, and started crocheting some slippers with it. I'm about a third into the first slipper, when I finally read the on the label of the yarn . . . it's 100% acrylic! Acrylic! In sock yarn! Now, I'm not an anti-acrylic snob or nuthin', but it doesn't belong on our feet, for two big reasons: they make yer feet clammy, and they quickly wear holes when walked upon. For the love of all that's good!

But enough 'bout me - we Turtles had us another Sunday here awhile back . . . you know, they're runnin' them Sundays 'bout once a week, I hear.

And we had us a pretty good turn out, though I was too late to see Carol and Raeus. That, or maybe they just left to early, hmmm?

Ansastasia and Brooke left a bit early too, to do some shopping across the street.

Check out Debra's illusion scarf: see, lookin' at it this way, it's just stripes . . .

. . . but tilt your view just a bit, and the alien heads appear - neato! From what I understand about illusion knitting, it's all about the smart placement of them purls.

Nicole finished her scarf.

Mary Beth and Pat both had some beaded knitting going on.

Click on this photo, to see a bigger version of it, and notice that knitted reindeer! Mary Beth finished him up, and had the clever idea of planting nickles in his hooves, so he'd stand up better.
These are the socks-to-be that Daphne has going. Her hubby Jason shopped the toys there at the bookstore. His mom, Angelika, has a dish towel going and nearly done. Barb's dishcloth is nearly done too.

And check out Pam's finished modular vest! It's the pattern featured on the cover of Creative Knitting last September.

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