Friday, May 29, 2009

WoW yarn arrived!

The perfect thing happened yesterday evening to get me away from the ‘puter and my mind on less heavy things.

My Indie Dyer order arrived!!!

I mighta worried the UPS driver when I shot out my front door announcing, “I’ve been waiting on you!”

So much for cleaning the kitchen – it was straight to the printer for the Jaywalker pattern, and then a squat on the couch for some ball winding. A few years ago, when I bought my first hank-that-wasn’t-a-skein, I learned the hard way that one cannot knit from the hank. Winding ‘em into a ball is nonnegotiable! And that’s when I found an old-fashioned swift at an antique shop.

And thus began my shopping for a nostepinne with which to wind it from the swift. At that time, nobody around here sold ‘em or the ball winders on the shelf. I was telling my husband about nostepinnes and some sites I had found that sold ‘em.

The next couple of days, he was cleaning up the maple branches from our back yard that had been struck by lightning, and just generally hanging out with the dog back there. I noticed him sitting in the lawn chair whittling on something, but he always does that so I didn’t think anything of it.

Until he brought me that stick he’d been shaving on. Knowing nothing about fiber tools, just seeing me looking online for one, he gave me his interpretation of a nostepinne! Yeah, he’s a keeper.

So last night, I got the No ERP For Me (based on Goldshire in the game) wound up on my old swift and homemade nostepinne, and then I cast on last night for them Jaywalker socks . . . and when I got to the leg patterning, I discovered that I can’t count worth a flip; three stitches too many. Frogging is a knitting term for ripping out the stitches to start over, called so ‘cause ya ‘rip it, rip it, rip it.”

It’s okay; I’ll restart ‘em here in a short bit, counting out loud! The hardest thing about last night was choosing which colorway to knit first, the No ERP For Me or the other hank that came with it, Not Your Average DK (referring to death knights, not the weight of the yarn).

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