Saturday, May 23, 2009


I ended up with 5 hats out of that one little skein of Reynolds Baby Utopia, for the preemie cap charity drive. I’ve gotten so that I can nearly finish one in just one sitting, in just a couple of hours, like over the course of a movie. So for about three bucks worth of yarn, and nearly no effort (if you wore pajamas when you did it, it had to be effortless, right?), five families are going to get a cute little cozy something for their child.

I found a really simple color chart on Ravelry for gingham check that had a small repeat, and you know it just had to go on one of these hats in UT’s school colors. I can’t tell you enough how much I adore this plaid pattern, and further ideas of color play are all a swirl in my head now, lol.

I’ve had these two ideas for patterns in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks, but something new leaped to the front of the line, pushing the others aside in its childlike enthusiasm. So yesterday, when that happened, I only meant to sketch it out so as not to forget a nifty idea, while I dutifully get back to what I meant to do. And then I wanted to write some of the details in around the sketch, in the margins . . . and then I wanted to go ahead and plan out the shaping math, so as not to forget the angle of that one part . . . while my thoughts are already here, I might as well go ahead and choose the increase stitches that’ll slant the proper way . . . I better type this out before I forget any of it . . . And without meaning to at all, I ended up spending at least half the day writing out this new pattern – funny! Yeah, it’s for a preemie cap.

I know I have a weakness for casting on new projects that are small, with the rationale that they’re small. Apparently, pattern-writing for “just a quickie” shares the same weakness. Spent last night knitting it up. You know, if I can get it onto my needles, I’ll be able to get it out of my head! Once I’m satisfied with it, I’ll post it here.

And while tiny baby caps were dancing in my head, I did try to do other things this week. I did two days worth of hedge trimming out front, resulting in me being so stiff and sore – I feel like something a bear shat over a cliff. I know I was ruthless on the privet, but they’ll survive. You can’t kill privet; I’ve tried. The only thing I haven’t tried is dynamite, but they’re too close to the house for that to be a viable option. Honestly, I was just trying to carve out the could-be-pretty juniper that was swallowed up by that infernal privet.

I did work on the February Lady Sweater some, while watching reruns of Hee Haw. I transferred it to a really long cable so I could try it on, and gave it a gentle tug to get an idea of how it’s going to look blocked . . . and discovered something. It’s further along than I thought! I know, duh! But it’s my first time using lace in a garment, and I reckon I just needed to see it to learn that little fact.

I even took the shawl out for some love, while watching the race with hubby.

My WoW yarn and three sets of needles haven’t arrived yet, however the big brown truck has been to my neighbor’s house twice this week. Both times, I got all excited, and both times I whined when it drove away. My neighbor had better not have my damned yarn!

I haven’t been playing WoW nearly so much this week, with all the knitting, writing, and yard work going on, and now I’m in a right state of withdrawal. There will be some orcs killed today, and Granni just might go visit them little mushroom people in northwestern Zangarmarsh. Our guild has been scheduling raids way up in the night, leaving this ol’ gal to miss due to a healthy devotion to sleeping reasonable hours. It doesn’t help that the server time is three hours behind my time zone (pout).

Several members of my WoW guild are coming together in South Carolina in about a week and a half, and I’ll finally get to meet some folks I’ve known for two years. This gathering has been in the works for months and months, and always seemed a faraway thing. Now that it’s nearly time to pack for it, I’m all kinds of excited!

When I return from that, I’m going to have to make the new career in medical coding & billing happen. No more procrastination. I’m sure it’s obvious; I’ve really enjoyed just knitting, writing, and playing WoW for the past few months. And our house is clean, and we’ve weaned ourselves off of those Stauffer ready-made meals, lol. Going back to a working routine, hmmmm . . . I have really mixed feelings about it. Excited, but a little resigned too. Again, SEX (Stash acquisition Expeditions) and the spinning wheel are the carrot-on-a-stick for me to stay excited.

Miss Belle is still my baby girl, and the fish are just swimming around in there. I'm gonna miss her sleeping on my feet, while I'm in South Carolina . . . guildies, if you're reading this, somebody's gonna have to sit on my feet each night, until I fall asleep!

I’m still toting our son to and from work, and he’s saving up for another car. To be absolutely honest, I’m really enjoying having my baby back home with us again all the time, in a really selfish way. While watching him reorganize his life, I’ve seen little bits of growth here and there, and you know this Momma is proud as punch. Having him with me combined with seeing him mature are like dessert for the soul.

And as for hubby . . . have I mentioned lately that I have the best husband in the whole wide world??? Since you’ll never guess what he’s been spending his off days doing, I’ll tell you. No, better yet, I’ll show you – check this out!

That man is upstairs, converting an old bedroom into my future craft room! He’s been re-mudding and sanding the walls, getting it ready for painting (I’m thinking of a buttery yellow). He wouldn’t let me show him in the photos, since he’s doing this pert-near-nekkid (I know!). If I thought I loved him fourteen years ago, I’m plum goo-goo eyed and stupid for him today! That man only gets better and better (sigh).

Ahem, going afk for a few . . . bbl.

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