Saturday, May 2, 2009


  • The shawl was shown some love when I worked on it during class the other night. It was the last class of this semester, and now just two more finals to go. Then it’s on to that professional certification test.
  • I’m still on the lacey part of the sweater’s body.
  • The blanket is still in pieces.
  • I resisted casting on for some socks, but did cast on for a reusable shopping bag. It’s for a free design I’m planning to post through Ravelry, and it needs a pretty model for the photo.
  • My first design put out there for public consumption is now listed on Ravelry - woot! It's right here (clicky, clicky).
  • A shawl called Purple Drops is rattling around in the back of my brain. Someday . . .
  • Our guild can whoop butt on the tonka trucks portion of Ulduar, but can only get this close on the other boss fights. We’re going back to Naxx-25 tonight to gear up a bit more, and to simply feel good about ourselves again (Ulduar hurt!)
  • I got several of the holiday achievements for Children’s Week
  • I signed up and got started on Knit Wars! which is proving to be a very validating thing – who knew?
  • Our son is considering joining the military, but wants to wait until after Independence Day (he works at a fireworks superstore).
  • The cat’s still buried, the dog’s still alive, and the fish are spawning.
  • Hubby is, as I write this, up on the rain-slicked roof cleaning the gutters, and I’ve been instructed to keep my ears open for any yelps for help.

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