Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three Steps Forward & Just One Back

Speaking of socks, the 2-at-a-Time Socks book, as well as Knitting Circles Around Socks, and the one that started it all Socks Soar On Two Circular Needles, have together really changed our knitting landscape, haven’t they?

A few years ago, I used two circulars instead of double points, after learning that technique from the Socks Soar book – it was thrilling to finally eliminate the little ladders formed by loose stitches between the dpns, and the knitting just flowed. Once again, I often said out loud about Cat Bordhi, “That woman is a genius!” My husband the nonknitter is now very aware of that fact.

Later, when our weekly knit-togethers formed and became more diverse, I noticed other sock knitters being divided into the circular crowd and the dpn crowd. My Sock Wizard included the circular technique, and new sock patterns now declare up front for which method they were written.

This past year I’ve seen the knitting world adapt to the inclusion of ‘the magic loop’ method, which is knitting a sock on just one very long circular needle. And, evolving yet again, that long circular now has both socks on it being knitted up at once! Wow, what could possibly be next?

I know, and it’s on my wish list already.

But I’ve discovered folks doing what I thought only I was doing – struggling with the cast-on and the joining of two at once, whether on one or two circulars. I’ve been starting them individually on dpns, the old way, and once there’s about a half inch of fabric I transfer it to the long circ. Make up the other one to the same half inch, and then add it too to the circ. Now, I carry on with them both in the new way of both at the same time on just one very long cir. It kinda sounds like cheating, I know.

I’ve recently discovered the Lime N Violet show, and have been listening to their old archived episodes. I felt validated (read, I yelled in triumph) when of one them, Violet I think, described doing the same thing.

Hey, if it works, and it’s an improvement, then shush you and leave me alone with it.

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