Friday, April 24, 2009

Knitter, meet WoWer

Knitter, allow me to introduce you to WoWer, and WoWer meet Knitter. I know, you’ve heard of Knitter, she’s just that popular. But dear Knitter, let me tell you a little about WoWer.
WoWer is a gamer who is as addicted to playing The World of Warcraft as you are to your fiber stash. WoWer also resents anything, like real life, that takes away from her passion to play, just like you do anything that detracts from your knitting time.
And just like you, WoWer will often multi-task so as to be able to say things like, “I’m actually watching the news,” while they get in a few more dailies. Just like you only want to finish just one more row – see you’re a lot alike, you two.
WoWer is active in her WoW community, which they call guilds, just like you are in your weekly knit-togethers. You swap patterns and chat in coffee bars, while she attends weekly raids on the newest dungeon in her virtual world. These raids are very structured and team oriented, though I don’t suppose you team knit very often, unless you count the occasional knit-alongs. I’ve seen you pack your knitting into the kitchen to do a row or two while the beef browns in the skillet. You can’t stand any down time not knitting. WoWer will sneak in a daily, or very often claim to only be logging in “just to check the mailbox,” when she can’t justify the time very easily.
Oh yes, and WoWer is fluent in the clever acronyms of her chosen lifestyle, just like you understand phrases like ‘turning the heel’ or LYS or SABLE or SEX. Only she says things like DPS, and pulling aggro, and tanks, and WTS. And just like you occasionally curse at your yarn, she will at her computer’s monitor. Neither is to blame, usually.
One thing you both will recognize in one another is the feeling that only a fellow knitter or WoWer really understands why you squeal over Malabrigo and purple drops.
You’re right, ‘purple drops’ does sound like the name of a shawl pattern doesn’t it?
Hmmmm . . . . Purple Drops, I like it already. It needs to be done with Malabrigo, to truly be ‘epic.’

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